News: Joe Budden Responds To Inspectah Deck, "He Should Be Dissing RZA For Not Paying Him"

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has responded to Inspectah Deck's "House N*gga" diss track and questioned the Wu-Tang Clan member's motivation.

Speaking via a live BlogTV broadcast, Joey shared his reaction and opinion on Deck's diss.

"When I first heard the Inspectah Deck sh*t I thought it was weak but I said, 'Aight I'm going to tear him up for fun," Budden said. "I just wish somebody else would've responded, not him...Vibe Magazine is shut down. Me and Raekwon talked it out, me and Busta Rhymes already spoke. Now here you come...While Inspectah Deck may be considered a legend for the one great verse he had in his 30 year career, it's 2009...We'll see how it all plays out. We gotta see how it goes down when I get into the studio...BlogTV probably pays me more than he's made...He should be dissing RZA for not paying him...When Saigon dissed me, my next diss track was the fact that I got paid from his diss track...I don't think people really use their heads. He rapped on 'Pump It Up.' Me and Just [Blaze] got paid for it." (BlogTV)

Deck's diss record spread online Wednesday (July 8) afternoon.

"First of all, you a blogger, YouTube goon/House n*gga," Deck raps. "I see you like to put your world online, ain't nobody checkin' for you/They checkin' for your girl's behind/While your homie in the bedroom, dustin' his eyes/While you filmin' dumb sh*t/They probably f*cked a few times/How you Slaughterhouse, you barely get a nod/I'm convict, benchin' daily in the yard/So I'm built like Optimus Prime/You couldn't see me with binoculars, I'm/way ahead of you...This n*gga's life's a publicity stunt/But he think he fever/I ain't a believer/Def Jam chucked him/They ain't feel him neither/Why are you talking like the Morpheous of rhymes/When my first sh*t sold more than all your sh*t combined...Mef let you live, I'ma set it/And I ain't on the phone but you get the text message...And I ain't gotta talk about Gloria Velez/Stalker a** n*gga, you were callin' her obsessed." ("House N*gga")

Deck previously spoke on his issues with Budden upon hearing him dissing Method Man earlier this year.

"I'm with my n*ggas, you know what I'm saying," Deck said in an interview. "I'm guilty by association anyway. You diss one, you diss us all. So I'm living by that. But first of all, I heard him say it wasn't directed towards the whole Wu, it was directed to Meth, which is still the whole Wu. You can use our name as much as you want to, you can say about Wu, we still legendary, monumental, influential motherf*ckers in the game son. Not just here, internationally man. There's really nothing Joe Buddens could say really to Inspectah Deck to make me want to jump and do anything because personally, my legacy is bigger than his." (In The Box TV)

Battle legend LL Cool J came out in support of Joey's opinions but said battling emcees should be left behind as a rapper's career progresses.

"Nowadays, [battling] is more about 'Are you making money, are you a businessman,'" LL explained in an interview. "I think the least important thing in hip-hop now is hip-hop. That's probably the least relevant thing. So I think Joe Budden has a right to feel how he feels. I think each individual has to make a decision and stand by that decision. So I can't be mad a Joe for feeling that. I can't be mad at Busta for feeling the way he feels...You can't remain a child forever, we all have to grow up. Michael Jordan is not in the Finals this year, that's just life. We gotta be willing to accept that. Sometimes a part of growing is knowing you'll be criticized for certain things you leave behind. That just comes with the territory. But for me to pretend to be 24 year-old LL Cool J for the rest of my life, that's not." (Global Grind)

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