News: Joe Budden On Post-Method Man Conflict, "A Lot Of People Didn't Even See The Original Video"

Sunday, Jul 26, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joe Budden recently spoke on the before-and-after effects of his conflict with Method Man and why the public's perception of him was "misconstrued."

Claiming he has always had respect for rap pioneers, Joey weighed in on how his small issue with Mef painted him in to a negative light.

"For the people that blew it out of proportion, I understand," Joey said in an interview. "Did I expect such a big f*cking uproar? No. And also with that, a lot of people who had something to say or commented on the me and Method Man thing, a lot of them didn't even see the original video that sparked it all. So now it becomes this big rumor, rumor and gossip with Joe Budden saying 'F*ck Method Man, f*ck Wu-Tang Clan' a whole bunch of sh*t that just got totally misconstrued. I don't ever want anybody out there to think I don't respect them as pioneers." (This Is 50)

Conflict arose when Budden challenged a ranking on VIBE Magazine's "Greatest Rapper Alive" list which Method Man was ranked above him.

"They're doing a play-off style bracket," Joe said in a video. "I'm ranked 32... Love Method Man to death, he's No. 9. You mean to tell me that if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had to rap back and forth, that Method Man would be the victor? Against me?" (Joe Budden TV)

Budden previously spoke with radio personality Angela Yee about talking face-to-face with Mef about their past issues.

"Yeah, me and Mef went, we walked out by the poison ivy and f*cking grass, we had a nice conversation," Budden revealed. "And you gotta do that 'cause often at times as artists, you communicate through the media and that can never be good. So we saw each other, we spoke about it like men, that sh*t is a done deal. That sh*t is over with...Me and Mef, we had mutual respect for one another, which is why the whole sh*t I did seemed a bit awkward. But nah, everything was cool." (Angela Yee Rumors)

Prior to the interview, Budden recorded a taped apology to the Wu-Tang Clan frontman.

"I really am sorry for the Method Man initial move," Joey said in a video. "When I say I'm apologizing, it's because Joe Budden is truly sorry for something Joe Budden did and it was in bad taste. Now, because there's been a lot of other parties being involved, a lot of parties that don't really have anything to do with it, like they're just in it because of association...From this point forward, if any one of them n*ggas say something to me, that I do not like, or any one of them n*ggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is f*cking over and the 'No Comment' movement is over." (On Smash)

Check out Joe Budden and Slaughterhouse's interview below:

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