News: Joe Budden Explains Method Man Peace Talk, "I Want The Whole Sh*t To Blow Over & Die" [Video]

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has revealed his recent face-to-face conversation with Method Man and explained how the two came together to secretly squash their issues.

Speaking with radio personality Angela Yee, Joey also said he has never taken a verbal shot at Inspectah Deck.

"Yeah, me and Mef went, we walked out by the poison ivy and f*cking grass, we had a nice conversation," Budden revealed. "And you gotta do that 'cause often at times as artists, you communicate through the media and that can never be good. So we saw each other, we spoke about it like men, that sh*t is a done deal. That sh*t is over with...Me and Mef, we had mutual respect for one another, which is why the whole sh*t I did seemed a bit awkward. But nah, everything was cool...I've never said one word to Inspectah Deck in my entire life. The issue wasn't with him, he thinks I said something...I want the whole sh*t to blow over and die down and Meth feels the same way. It is, the sh*t is over two months ago since it started. I'm sure the fans wanna see a battle and see a fight and they wanna see somebody die. I don't know what they wanna see, but the sh*t has been blown out of proportion far enough." (Angela Yee Rumors)

Prior to the interview, Budden recorded a taped apology to the Wu-Tang Clan frontman.

"I really am sorry for the Method Man initial move," Joey said in a video. "When I say I'm apologizing, it's because Joe Budden is truly sorry for something Joe Budden did and it was in bad taste. Now, because there's been a lot of other parties being involved, a lot of parties that don't really have anything to do with it, like they're just in it because of association...From this point forward, if any one of them n*ggas say something to me, that I do not like, or any one of them n*ggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is f*cking over and the 'No Comment' movement is over." (On Smash)

Slaughterhouse's Royce Da 5'9 also announced the deaded beef at a Rock The Bells performance.

"Wanna shout-out the whole Wu-Tang Clan," he said. "Slaughterhouse does not have a problem with the Wu-Tang Clan. It'll never be no beef with the Wu-Tang Clan. That gangsta right there talked to that gangsta Method Man and squashed it, shook hands and that's it." (Jessie Maguire)

Deck previously said Budden dissed him in a rap song but would not release a follow-up to his "House N*gga" track.

"Son had a right to say what he said about the list," Deck said in an interview. "[Method Man] publicly said he didn't wanna battle, 'Yo I'm acting, raising my kids, I'm doing what I gotta do.' And then he still came and put a song out and had at least 20 bars dedicated to Meth. Not to mention he took a shot at me in the same rhyme. So that's when I felt, 'I'ma say something' 'cause Mef overseas, nobody else is speaking up for the Clan." (Team Yee TV)

Check out Joe Budden talk about his talk with Method Man below:

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