News: Joe Budden Challenges Lloyd Banks W/ Collabo Offer, "I'd Have To See If I Could Tear Him Up"

Friday, Jul 3, 2009 4:19PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden recently spoke on G-Unit's Lloyd Banks and how he would want the opportunity to record with the rapper and go bar-for-bar with "The Punchline King."

Despite having a rap beef with the Unit in recent years, Budden said he was open to a collaboration with the emcee.

"I wanna do a song with Lloyd Banks," Budden revealed in a live blog chat on Friday (July 3) afternoon alongside his friend/producer Dough Boy. "I gotta get him, pause. Yeah, that's what I want. I think he's ducking me. I think Banks was dope and then he fell the f*ck off and then he got right back up. So personally, for me, I would want to do a song with him. Nah, he don't got no personality. I'd have to see if I could tear him up [on a record]." (Blog TV)

Joey informed fans via Twitter that he would be broadcasting live earlier today.

"Over here at @jerseydoughboy crib, fillin up the iPod... I'm souped !!," he wrote. "my blogtv account is deactivated ??????? wtf live w/ @jerseydoughboy & his girl ! I'm broadcasting on now, come see me!" (Joe Budden's Twitter)

Budden previously mended his issues with The Game last summer.

"We weren't the best of friends, me and G-Unit, at the time so I guess yeah, I can see how the line was taken out of context," said Budden of a mixtape line which allegedly sparked a beef. "And then Game just dissed me. He felt some type of way about what I said and then he sent some shots my way and vice versa -- yeah it was beef...The other day me and him connected. He reached out we had a great great conversation." (Vlad TV)

His tension with the Unit reportedly stemmed from a DJ Clue mixtape.

On a DJ Clue tape, Joey spit an ambiguous punchline: "He should be in the G-Unit vid with all the gangster actors." DJ Clue pasted an unrelated Game verse onto the same song, so Game?s new boss 50 Cent took note. After 50 [Cent] asked Game about it, the rookie Compton MC decided to craft his response "Buddens." (Complex)

Lloyd Banks, also called "The Punch Line King," recently spoke on his re-emergence onto the mixtape scene.

"I would lie to say it doesn't," Banks said regarding Lil Wayne's motivation. 'You need something -- it's right there plain in your face. I always felt like that was the formula, like that was the structure I needed to be successful. It's just like the record label looks at it like you're over-saturating. They don't understand the freestyle. They don't make any money off of the freestyle. Anything that they don't make money off of, it doesn't make sense. That's why I had to get away from it. You can't tell me this shit doesn't make sense when this is what got me sittin' in your office. We've done it! We've made it possible for Wayne to understand that formula, and he took it and ran with it!" (Hip Hop DX)

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