News: Joe Budden Apologizes W/ Warning, "Any One Of Them N*ggas Say Something, The Peace Treaty Is F*cking Over" [Video]

Monday, Jul 20, 2009 11:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has broken his "No Comment" rule and decided to bury the hatchet and issue a truce concerning his past Method Man rap challenge but warned all involved to let it rest.

Moving past Mef, Budden said he was focused on continuing the Rock The Bells tour but will be prepared for anyone who calls him out.

"I really am sorry for the Method Man initial move," Joey said in a video. "When I say I'm apologizing, it's because Joe Budden is truly sorry for something Joe Budden did and it was in bad taste. Now, because there's been a lot of other parties being involved, a lot of parties that don't really have anything to do with it, like they're just in it because of association...From this point forward, if any one of them n*ggas say something to me, that I do not like, or any one of them n*ggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is f*cking over and the 'No Comment' movement is over...Anybody else, associated with that n*gga, affiliated or feel my name should roll outta their f*cking it from this point on, and there won't be nothing Royce [Da 5'9], Crooked [I] can do to stop what I'm doing...Everybody loves Wu-Tang, but the same way the young n*ggas respect the older n*ggas, the older n*ggas are gonna have to start respecting the younger n*ggas. That's what's gonna have to start happening." (On Smash)

Royce also announced the deaded issues between Budden and Wu-Tang on-stage.

"Wanna shout-out the whole Wu-Tang Clan," he said. "Slaughterhouse does not have a problem with the Wu-Tang Clan. It'll never be no beef with the Wu-Tang Clan. That gangsta right there talked to that gangsta Method Man and squashed it, shook hands and that's it." (Jessie Maguire)

Budden sparked the beef when he challenged a ranking on VIBE's "Greatest Rapper" list, in which Method Man was ranked above him.

"They're doing a play-off style bracket," Joe said in a video. "I'm ranked 32... Love Method Man to death, he's No. 9. You mean to tell me that if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had to rap back and forth, that Method Man would be the victor? Against me?" (Joe Budden TV)

Joey previously addressed an issue he had with Inspectah Deck at a recent Rock The Bells show.

"I'm not gonna beat anybody up," Joe promised on his live stream. "I'm saying that was my first initial reaction to hearing he did that dumb sh*t on stage which lets me know how much of a f*cking coward he is because we were on the stage and then get got off the stage roaming around...Then you go on stage and say that dumb sh*t, all the fans leave 'cause nobody supports that dumb sh*t and then you go hide somewhere like a f*cking f*ggot. Yeah he f*cking hid because I looked for him..." (Blog TV)

Deck had released a diss song called "House N*gga" toward Budden

"First of all, you a blogger, YouTube goon/House n*gga," Deck raps. "I see you like to put your world online, ain't nobody checkin' for you/They checkin' for your girl's behind/While your homie in the bedroom, dustin' his eyes/While you filmin' dumb sh*t/They probably f*cked a few times/How you Slaughterhouse, you barely get a nod/I'm convict, benchin' daily in the yard/So I'm built like Optimus Prime/You couldn't see me with binoculars, I'm/way ahead of you...This n*gga's life's a publicity stunt/But he think he fever/I ain't a believer/Def Jam chucked him/They ain't feel him neither/Why are you talking like the Morpheous of rhymes/When my first sh*t sold more than all your sh*t combined...Mef let you live, I'ma set it/And I ain't on the phone but you get the text message...And I ain't gotta talk about Gloria Velez/Stalker a** n*gga, you were callin' her obsessed." ("House N*gga")

Check out Joe Budden's video statement below:

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