News: Jim Jones Kills Twitter Milli Followers Hype, "Do You Get A Prize When You Get There?" [Video]

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2009 12:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jim Jones recently spoke on his thoughts of Twitter and questioned what the hype is behind artists like Diddy and Ashton Kutcher reaching over a million followers.

With over 600,000 followers himself, Jones discussed his usage of the social networking function and the concepts behind it.

"Twitter is like a video game to me," Jones said in an interview. "It's like a grown a** video game. That's the only thing I would grab my iPhone for, most of the time I'll be on my Blackberry. Twitter is the new sensation. I guess people's standards on Twitter, I'm doing pretty good on it...You never heard me mention how many followers I have, I don't see the need of doing that. They obviously follow you for a reason, if they keep following then eventually you'll get [to a million followers]. Do you get a prize when you get there? Who gives a f*ck? Like, what the f*ck is it? I thought this was building on cross promoting, marketing strategy, media, iPhone or Blackberry is easier to find rather than finding a computer to log on. This is a better way for everybody to get in tune with the motherf*cking digital world. It's definitely a big popularity contest. I've been starting trouble on here sometime. Sometimes I start cursing at n*ggas and sh*t...You don't like me, why the f*ck you got the time to follow me and type to tell me you don't like me motherf*cker?" (Vlad TV)

He previously spoke on the advantages of using Twitter to help with his recent record sales.

"I released the song called 'Dancing On Me,'" Jones explained in an interview. "It's one of my new singles from this summer album that we're doing. We put it up on iTunes and for me to try to get a spike on it, I tweeted that the record was now on sale on iTunes. It started at the 100's and slowly but surely in a few days it started climbing in the 50's and 40's, you know? So appreciate everybody for going and buying that record off the help of the tweet." (Forbez DVD)

Jones also spoke on his issues with Jay-Z via Twitter last month.

"Above all Summer Jam was dope," Jones wrote. "And I got to see Jay-Z who refused to get out of his van when he saw my pretty face. We was mobbin', he's still a sucka...A old sucka. lol. We back and if he killed autotune then we must be Easter the resurrection. lol Shouts to Soulja Boy Tell Em, he ripped...I saw Jay-Z and Tata they didn't say nothin but sit they a** down when they saw the Spartan 300's lol...I'm glad to see I got everyone on Twitter's attention. I love Twitter, it's trouble maker, good morning everyone." (Jim Jones' Twitter)

The rapper made headlines earlier this year after using Twitter during an arrest in New Jersey.

"I was Twittin' when I shouldn't have been Twittin' baby," Jones said in an interview. "Shhhhhhh...On Tweeter I was just like, here we go, getting pulled over by the cops. Yeah, I was frisked [and] put in handcuffs, it was cool. Hahah. It was a minor infraction. Maybe they might be a little bit upset but they were perfect gentlemen and a perfect lady, they handled me with respect...No Twittin' and driving...Spell check, pardon me." (My 9 News)

Check out Jim Jones' interview below:

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