News: Jay-Z Drops "Run This Town" Record, "It's The Return Of The God" [Audio]

Friday, Jul 24, 2009 10:23AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z has released the first single from his Blueprint 3 album called "Run This Town" which features both Kanye West and Rihanna.

Featuring Rihanna on the chorus with Yeezy contributing a verse, Jay's new track landed online Friday (July 24) morning.

"This is Roc Nation/Pledge your allegiance...All black everything/Black cards, black cars, all black everything/And I draw them black birds/Riding with they Dillingers/I'll get more in Depp if you boys really real enough/This is La Familia/I'll explain later, but for now let me get back to this paper...Please follow the leader/So Eric B. we are/Microphone fiend, it's the return of the God/Peace God, it ain't nobody fresher...On the table screaming f*ck the other side, they jealous/We got a banquet full of broads/They got a table full of fellas/And they ain't spendin' no cake." ("Run This Town")

The song was reportedly chosen to replace Jay's collaboration with Drake as his first official single from the album.

JUST GOT WORD: NEW Jay-Z single coming this Friday (July 24) called "Run This Town" with Kanye and Rihanna! Plus, here's what his album promo schedule will look like: Sept 10 - "Run This Town" webcast from Rocawear 10 year anniversary party in NY. Sept 11 - Blueprint 3 album release & NYC concert assoc. w/NYC Fireman's charity. Sept 13 - MTV Awards performance. Sept 14 - Jay Leno primetime NBC series premiere performance (first musical guest ever). (Hot 106)

Jay's collaboration record with Drake was recently confirmed by DJ Skee last month.

DJ Skee had the opportunity to preview "Off That," Jay's first single from The Blueprint 3. "I don't want to really ruin the surprise," the host of Sirius XM's "Skeetox" radio show reluctantly tells "I mean it's Jay, he's killing it." While he didn't disclose details, he did build anticipation for the record. "Jay sounds pretty incredible, man." Skee confirmed that hip-hop's hottest newcomer, Drake, lends his talent to the song. (Rap-Up)

Jay recently spoke with DJ Drama and said the project was ready for release.

"Yeah, pretty much [it's done]," Jay revealed. "You know I still tweak it. I made 'PSA' was the last record I made on The Black Album and 'Give It To Me' was the last record I made on Dynasty. So, I'm always open to recording new records. It's pretty much done, it could go out the door right now. September 11th, the first date, it's the anniversary of the original one, of course it's a tragedy as well so we're going to be doing a lot of great things with charities and everything." (Hot 107.9)

The Blueprint 3 will land in stores Friday, September 11th.

Check out Jay-Z's "Run This Town" song below:

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