News: Jay-Z Blames Kanye West For "D.O.A." Success, "It Was Actually His Fault"

Thursday, Jul 16, 2009 5:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z recently spoke on the creation of his record "Death of Autotune" and why its controversy and success is mainly due to Kanye West's involvement.

Jay also revealed how they both originally had an auto-tune-based record for the upcoming Blueprint 3 project.

"He actually sparked the idea," Jay revealed. "When he heard the beat he said, 'Man, this is just so hard! This has to be against everything -- no auto-tune, none of that type of stuff!' He didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going to take it, but it was actually his fault...After we made the 'D.O.A.' record about a month ago, we were like, 'if it's got to go, it's got to go' [from my album]. In hip-hop, our job is once a trend becomes a gimmick, to get rid of it. We've done that since the beginning of time...Now people are using auto-tune even in Wendy's commercials, and it's like, 'Oh no! That has to go!' It's become part of main culture. It's the same thing like when the old lady in Oregon starts saying, 'bling, bling.' It's like, 'I'm never saying that again.'" (Billboard)

Roc-A-Fella associate Twista recently shared his mixed reaction towards Jay's hit record.

"I like using it," Twista said in an interview. "Really, I like the sh*t! But look, I love the Jay song too. I respect the Jay song for what it is, and he definitely put a mark to it. But, I still feel that's a sound -- like a new sound that artists use in music today that to me really complements the era that we in as far as how far we came with technology. Everybody on some space sh*t now. The autotune to me that represents that ol' space vibe or that futuristic vibe. So I kinda like it. Now as far as what he saying about it, is like man, I'ma just tell you the truth, I'm one of them cold n*ggas. He ain't talkin' about me, so I can do as much autotune as I wanna do. I'll kill these n*ggas." (Hip Hop DX)

However, artists like The Game have sided with T-Pain and questioned the rapper's overall message.

"This about Hov," Game said in his "I'm So Wavy" diss song. "Time to chop down the Roc and take it to the stove. 'D.O.A.?' No. T-Pain stays, old n*gga goes...What you f*cking with [Kan]ye for? 'D.O.A.,' n*gga? Please. I loved 808's & Heartbreak. Loved 'Lockdown' my sh*t." ("I'm So Wavy")

Fabolous previously spoke with SOHH about his reaction to the track.

"Jay-Z is like the so to say trend killer if he states that something is done," said Fab. "Certain people may feel that way but never say it...but Jay, he'll take the stand and everybody be feelin' that way and be like, 'Yeah Jay's a hero for saying what we've been feeling.' I think what Jay is trying to do is help people get back to the talent of rapping. Let's get some artistry back in the music, some good writing. I think 'Death of Autotune' is dope. I think it's good for the climate too. At some point a lot of these kids, artists are coming out and they're just putting this autotune on their voice... I guess Jay is just tired of everybody jumping on that bandwagon. I kinda was over it too." (SOHH)

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