News: Ja Rule Warns Rappers Of Comeback, "I Got A Chip On My Shoulders This Year" [Video]

Friday, Jul 3, 2009 3:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne


Former Murder Inc. frontman Ja Rule has issued a warning to rappers in light of his upcoming rap return and promised he would come back with new material.

In addition to speaking on his return, Rule also announced the launch of his own website.

"Word to God, Rule York in the building," he said in a video. "That's the motherf*cking first blog on Rule York TV on the iPhizzle cam n*gga. I'm getting a lot of hardcore footage. All you b*tch a** n*ggas out there, I'm letting y'all know I'm coming and I'm f*cking, oh, I got a chip on my shoulders this year b*tch. I'ma let you know something for real for real, brand new n*gga. Nothing f*cking stale, faded, brand new n*gga. Get ready. I'm lettin' y'all n*ggas know man, you got about 60 to 90 days then I'ma put my d*ck in your mouth man. Watch yourselves homies, telling you." (Forbez DVD)

He previously updated fans on his relationship with Irv Gotti.

"I'm working, I'm not in a rush," he revealed in an interview about his forthcoming project. "I'm in the studio working every day. I'm about to go in the studio and work right now and finish up on the album. The album's coming out incredible. It's very different. I wanted to make it special. I wanted the album to be out of this world, and it's definitely shaping up to that. I'm not in a rush. I got a new situation -- my Empire Music Group. Gotti's got Murder Inc. We're both still together -- there's no separation. We're both together doing what we do, but I got my own situation and I got new artists. We're putting it together." (MTV)

Rule also spoke on the state of hip-hop and New York rappers earlier this year.

"We fighting against other genres," Rule declared in an interview. "We fightin' against motherf*ckin' rock. We fightin' against pop. We fightin' against these other genres of music. We need to be together as a whole and not separating ourselves between West and East and South. I think New York is making a strong comeback right now. I think we doin' our thing, we got Maino, we got Red Cafe. I think New York is making a surgence. I got my acts outta New York, I'm coming with a crazy album right now. But you know as a whole, it's not about New's about hip-hop. We all in this together. So when I think about it, that's really my feelings on the situation." (57th Ave)

The rapper announced his initial comeback and new jewelery line in a video last winter.

"New album coming real soon, I ain't gonna give nobody no dates," Ja said in an interview. "None of that 'We pushin' it back, we pushin' it back' so I ain't giving y'all no motherf*cking date. It's coming real soon. We finishing it up. It's f*cking crazy. Y'all n*ggas get ready. We gonna have a good time this year...[I got a] new jewelry line coming real soon. Y'all can go to to check out all the new pieces from the Rule." (Sub Zero DVD)

Check out Ja Rule's video blog below:

Ja Rule coming soon Gives a fair warning to enemies

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