News: Ja Rule Bypasses Record Label, Leaking Full Length "The Mirror" Album

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2009 4:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ja Rule has reportedly decided to scrap his unreleased Mirror album and provide a link to the project's content opting out of releasing in retail stores.

Featuring a daily release of tracks, the full length project will reportedly land online this Friday (July 31).

Welcome to Rule York Week - Day 2! New music from Ja Rule's highly anticipated 7th album, "The Mirror" has been previously leaked -- but due to an overwhelming demand -- this sought after masterpiece will be available July 31, 2009, in it's entirety for free download. Plus, log on daily to preview unreleased tracks exclusively at (Doctor Exclusives)

The rapper recently confirmed reports of the project's tracks being leaked prior to its scheduled release date two years ago.

"New album coming soon," Rule promised in an interview. "I think I'ma do something for the people where y'all help me with the title of my next album because I was gonna name my sh*t The Mirror but...the album got leaked...I think I'ma do a contest or something where I get the people to give me their feedback on what the album should be called...Keep talking, the album's coming. All y'all hater n*ggas, I love y'all. Keep running your mouths. Y'all n*ggas are helping my cause, keep up the good work." (Forbez DVD)

Rule previously spoke on the concept behind The Mirror in a 2007 interview.

"I have conversations with myself," he explained. "I talk to the guy in the mirror. He never answers back; it's always the same guy that asks the questions and answers the questions...But the funny thing about that is, it's your moment of truth. You can't lie to yourself. And I'm sitting there and I'm looking in the mirror, and I'm saying to myself ... 'This person you see in the know who this person is, you know him very well. But is this the same person that your public sees when you walk outside? No. They don't have a clue who the f--- that person is in that mirror.'" (MTV)

Murder Inc. artist Newz recently spoke on the status of Irv Gotti's label and his upcoming album.

"'It's Still Murda' dropped a couple days ago," Newz explained. Fire, featuring your boy Rule. You know what it is man. [My album] Hunting Season is coming. We got Ja, Game, Jadakiss, probably get a couple of R&B n*ggas or something on there...Lloyd still there. Ashanti there, Gotti said he's gonna drop her but she's still there. Rule there, I'm there...It is what it is [with 50 Cent.] You know what I mean, I ain't got no problems with the boy, unless it presents itself." (In The Box TV)

The Mirror will reportedly be available for download Friday, July 31st via

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