News: Ja Rule Blasts 50 Cent W/ Countdown To New Release, "I Went At That N*gga Hard Too" [Video]

Friday, Jul 17, 2009 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ja Rule has spoken on rap rival 50 Cent and discussed why he was one of the few rappers who addressed the G-Unit leader, in person, for his lyrical jabs.

Speaking on 50's early days, Rule claimed the rapper held a close relationship with law enforcement.

"The warning was 60 days, now it's a little less because that was last week," Rule promised in an interview. "I'm not doing this for the people, I'm doing this for the love of the music...I went at 50 too, I don't think n*ggas think about that either. I went at that n*gga hard too. 50 done had a beef with a gang of n*ggas. Even the first record he made I think was 'How 2 Rob,' and I was the only artist that when I seen him, I was like, 'Eh, that ain't funny homie. What's happening.' You feel what I'm saying? Everybody else that seen him, 'Hahahahahaaa,' silly n*ggas. Nah n*gga, ain't no dap, n*gga. It ain't funny. What's happening? And I went at his head. He couldn't f*ck with what we as doing on these streets so he went into a booth and became Superman. And that's how that whole thing transcended and he was talking so much to the police, n*gga couldn't really express his true feelings. He got my n*ggas facing 20 years in jail, my n*gga Supreme is doing life right now. When n*ggas talk all that sh*t, I laugh because they don't know the infrastructure with how it all spiraled to what it is today." (Forbez DVD)

He previously went at 50 on Rick Ross' "Mafia Music" remix earlier this year.

"Guess who's bizzack," Rule raps. "I spit murder, the music is mafia...One cold afternoon you get shot at your home/Now 'I Smell P*ssy'/P*ssy got lips, but it don't talk to me/That's why you my b*tch/And you on my d*ck/Aha 'cause I f*cked you up once, I f*cked you up twice and you still talking sh*t/What must I do, to get through to you/ Curly, get off my d*ck...Read in-between the lines when you hear me talk/Get on get outta line, this is Rule York." ("Mafia Music Remix")

He also said he held no regrets for laying a verse on the song.

"That sh*t's real hot," Rule said regarding the record. "But you know, it's a situation, like, that beef is ten years old. How old is that beef, like five, six years old? You know, I'm not rehashing the beef, I'm just went in and did the record with f*cking Rick Ross and I'm always willing to speak my mind on how I feel and you know, I could give a f*ck about Curly ya understand? So it's not like a shock to nobody that I'm on the record." (57th Ave)

The rapper announced his initial comeback and new jewelery line in a video last winter.

"New album coming real soon, I ain't gonna give nobody no dates," Ja said in an interview. "None of that 'We pushin' it back, we pushin' it back' so I ain't giving y'all no motherf*cking date. It's coming real soon. We finishing it up. It's f*cking crazy. Y'all n*ggas get ready. We gonna have a good time this year...[I got a] new jewelry line coming real soon. Y'all can go to to check out all the new pieces from the Rule." (Sub Zero DVD)

Check out Ja Rule's interview below:

Ja Rule-The Rule Is Back Interview Pt.1

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