News: J-Hood Explains Slaughterhouse Beef, "Royce Really Started That Sh*t" [Video]

Monday, Jul 6, 2009 2:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former D-Block member J-Hood recently spoke on how his differences with Slaughterhouse became public and why Royce Da 5'9 should be blamed for sparking their rap beef.

In addition to Royce, Hood claimed Joe Budden also created tension between both camps via MySpace.

"We gonna talk about this ugly n*gga again," Hood said in an interview. "No homo but them n*ggas is some ugly n*ggas...The n*gga Royce really started that sh*t. That n*gga did a little song and all that and he said some sh*t like 'I'm the one really though/You just a J-Hood gun video.' He said that sh*t then he tried to back it up with 'Oh that's not a diss.' But if it ain't a diss, how do you mean it though? You a J-Hood gun video? What are you really trying to say? It's just a video and n*ggas ain't really poppin' off? That's how I'm taking it, I'm a n*gga from the hood. He said it ain't a diss, but I did what anybody else would do and threw a line back on the joint. Then the n*gga Joe wanna start running his mouth. Everybody already know he a f*ggot anyway. I hit the n*gga on MySpace like 'What's poppin'?' He hit me back with a long a** paragraph, I ain't read all that sh*t, you like a broad in high school writing me long a** letters. So he said he'd give me the schedule to the shows he'll be at but he ain't ever give me nothing. Then after that, n*gga kept poppin' sh*t and here we are now." (Hip Hop Beef)

Last week, Hood called out the entire Slaughterhouse team and labeled them snitches due to their association with Joey.

"N*ggas thought I wasn't gon' say nothing, like I wasn't gonna address it," Hood said in an interview. "F*ggot a** H*e Buddens, Joyce Da 5'9 and motherf*cking, what's that n*gga's name? Slanted I, Crooked I, whatever the f*ck your name is my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are a** my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are rolling with a n*gga that got a n*gga locked up, got the homie Ransom locked up after he went to your homie's house and smacked the sh*t outta him, he ain't smack the sh*t outta him, his man smacked the sh*t outta him. Next couple days after that the n*gga was locked up. I don't want no beef with y'all n*ggas, you getting n*ggas locked up. Plus y'all n*ggas is 30 plus my n*gga. Old head a** n*ggas." (Major Moves DVD)

Budden responded to fans regarding Hood via Twitter shortly after Hood's video spread online.

"HOLY PIGFEET & PORKCHOPS BATMAN," he wrote. "..noticed some loser made a vlog dissin slaughterhouse, would luv 2 respond but wont..we need better foes ! this gets better by the second...dude that dissed us got raped ? when he was 12 ? by his father ??? somebody tell'em quit while he's behind." (Joe Budden's Twitter)

Royce released a song towards Hood earlier this year.

"Your nose in the shotgun like J-Hood," Royce rapped. "Speaking of him, he's a bum/Hundred rounds, hundred pounds of punks get done/Rap n*gga rappin' his way to his demise/I ain't Ransom, chump, I don't shoot in the sky...J-Hood, you lunch/Lil five foot n*gga type you could rob at punch point/Ha, laugh at you, ain't got the heart to pull a piece and blast you/Smaller than my niece...For the cake, I'll battle a savage/F*ck a cop, show me the green I'll bring malice/You trying to drop hip-hop, I'm trying to grab it/From you ringtone n*ggas, fake G's and f*ggots." ("Hottest In The Hood")

Check out J-Hood's interview below:

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