News: Inspectah Deck Taunts Budden At Show, "F*ck Joe Budden"

Monday, Jul 13, 2009 2:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck reportedly made a scene over the weekend at a "Rock The Bells" performance where he told the crowd "F*ck Joe Budden" while the rapper was at the venue.

While footage from the event has not yet been released, online reports claim both Wu-Tang members and Budden were at the Washington DC venue last night (July 12).

"What did happen is that during Raekwon's set, Inspectah Deck came out onstage to perform 'Cream,' and a few other songs," Miss Info wrote via her blog. "(Rza even joined Rae and Deck's performance) but before Inspectah Deck left, he did tell the crowd, 'F--k Joe Budden.'" (Miss Info TV)

Reports of a fight also spread online yesterday between Budden and the Wu's camp.

My girl just texted me . ...she said she heard it on the radio Budden got into a fight earlier today...they were talking about it on 92q (Baltimore) I know the Rock The Bells show is in D.C today ...and judging by dude's twitter he was there at the show .....can anybody confirm this? (Project Covo)

However, Raekwon went to his Twitter and cleared up the confusion.

"All rumors are false," he wrote, "bout me and that kid there was no fight or altercation, a n*gga had to clear that up." (Raekwon's Twitter)

Inspectah Deck's on-stage diss follows his recent "House N*gga" record aimed at Budden.

"First of all, you a blogger, YouTube goon/House n*gga," Deck raps. "I see you like to put your world online, ain't nobody checkin' for you/They checkin' for your girl's behind/While your homie in the bedroom, dustin' his eyes/While you filmin' dumb sh*t/They probably f*cked a few times/How you Slaughterhouse, you barely get a nod/I'm convict, benchin' daily in the yard/So I'm built like Optimus Prime/You couldn't see me with binoculars, I'm/way ahead of you...This n*gga's life's a publicity stunt/But he think he fever/I ain't a believer/Def Jam chucked him/They ain't feel him neither/Why are you talking like the Morpheous of rhymes/When my first sh*t sold more than all your sh*t combined...Mef let you live, I'ma set it/And I ain't on the phone but you get the text message...And I ain't gotta talk about Gloria Velez/Stalker a** n*gga, you were callin' her obsessed." ("House N*gga")

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