News: Inspectah Deck Pulls Back From Joe Budden Battle, "I'm Not Saying Nothing Else To Dude" [Video]

Monday, Jul 20, 2009 4:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Inspectah Deck recently addressed his Joe Budden diss record "House N*gga" and explained why he will fall back from further verbal jabs for the time being.

Speaking with radio personality Angela Yee, Deck explained the before-and-after effects of his unexpected diss record.

"Son had a right to say what he said about the list," Deck said in an interview. "[Method Man] publicly said he didn't wanna battle, 'Yo I'm acting, raising my kids, I'm doing what I gotta do.' And then he still came and put a song out and had at least 20 bars dedicated to Meth. Not to mention he took a shot at me in the same rhyme. So that's when I felt, 'I'ma say something' 'cause Mef overseas, nobody else is speaking up for the Clan...And the diss record I put out, it was nothing more than what was already being said about him. It's not like I went at him lyrically like, 'I'm better than you.' You a house n*gga, talking all this crazy sh*t. We been around the globe, we conquered it already. So it was more on that aspect. If I had known him and [Raekwon] and Busta [Rhymes] would have had the talk first, I probably wouldn't have put the song out, being a real man. That can be perceived to be a b*tch move. I can't retrack on what I said because it's out there... I just saw son face-to-face, I don't run from nobody...As of now though, I'm not saying nothing else to dude as long as he don't say nothing else to me." (Team Yee TV)

He previously released a statement responding to Budden who said he was hiding from him at a Rock The Bells performance earlier this month.

"No one was yelling for Slaughterhouse when I got on halfway through Raekwon's set," Deck explained. "After I said what I said onstage, I was never hid from nobody. I did Rae's set. Then I jumped into the crowd and signed autographs. Then I hung out backstage. I was there for Busta set. I was there for other sets. I was there until they started taking down the stage. I didn't come to the show to perform. I came to the show to talk to Joe." (Miss Info)

Raekwon also addressed his stance on the situation following the concert.

"I'm tired of this sh*t," Rae said in an interview. "I'm tired because for real it feels like I really don't have the energy to be going there with it because [Method Man] told me personally, 'Mind your business' and that's what I'm gonna do. But at the same time, Deck is Deck and I'm gonna rock 24/7, 365-66, I just look at the whole thing like, son don't want a problem. He don't want a problem. He done apologized to me, he done spoke with me, he told the world. Yeah he spoke with me apologizing, that's what the speaking with me was for...I told him to his face, 'You was wrong, I respect you being a man and apologizing but that don't hold no weight with the situation you and Mef going through.'" (Underground Hip Hop)

Budden recently spoke on Deck's Rock The Bells on-stage taunt.

"I'm not gonna beat anybody up," Joe promised on his live stream. "I'm saying that was my first initial reaction to hearing he did that dumb sh*t on stage which lets me know how much of a f*cking coward he is because we were on the stage and then get got off the stage roaming around...Then you go on stage and say that dumb sh*t, all the fans leave 'cause nobody supports that dumb sh*t and then you go hide somewhere like a f*cking f*ggot. Yeah he f*cking hid because I looked for him...There was no scuffle, no fight, I didn't even talk to Raekwon. I just went looking for n*ggas...But then I left because I'm making too much money to sacrifice it for beating him up. At the end of the day, it's not worth beating him up...You missed it, I had the beginning of the diss record set up and everything. Had the 'Triumph' beat, let it just come on, let him start...And then cut it off, 'No you don't, you don't bomb sh*t,' and then just f*cking go in." (YouTube)

Check out Inspectah Deck's interview below:

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