News: Ghostface Killah Gets Booked, "Cell Block Z" On Deck

Monday, Jul 13, 2009 3:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah has added a new venture to his career with the upcoming release of his graphic novel called Cell Block Z.

Set to be released later this month, Ghost's story revolves around a fictional boxer who has been framed and placed behind bars.

To his fans, Cole Dennis is a heavyweight contender with a devastating right hook. To a city being held hostage to chaos and terror, Dennis has a grit and charisma that make him the shining hope for justice--until he is arrested for a brutal murder. Framed for a crime he did not commit, he finds himself captive in a foreboding high-tech superprison whose masters secretly conspire to turn inmates into tomorrow's most terrifying bioweapons -- with Cole Dennis as the intended prize specimen. But Dennis is nobody's lab rat. Reborn as a towering engine of destruction, Dennis will prepare for the fight of his life. He will rename himself Ghostface Killah. And his cry of righteous rage will echo beyond the cold steel walls of Cell Block Z. (Hachette Book Group)

Ghost is not alone when it comes to making the leap to books. The Lox's Styles P has also taken his rap lyrics and turned them into a forthcoming story.

"I also got a fiction book coming out," Styles confirmed in an interview. "A fiction novel called Mr. Invincible. That'll be in a couple months, so go support that. I'm getting my author up. I just wanted to make sure I'm comfortable and got a few things I could do that I enjoy doing. I'm a creative person and I like creating. So I just wanted another job where I could create and make some money and doing something that I like to do." (Forbez DVD)

Rap mogul Jay-Z is reportedly on the verge of signing his first official book deal.

Jay-Z is close to finalizing a book deal with the Spiegel & Grau imprint of Random House. The literary agent repping the rapper, Matthew Guma, had no comment, but sources say the book will consist of Jay-Z commenting on and telling the stories behind his lyrics. Sources said that when Mr. Guma originally approached editors and publishers earlier this summer, he was talking about doing a bundle of three books: One was going to be a traditional memoir, one was going to be a business book, and the third was the one that Spiegel & Grau ended up acquiring. When it will be published is unknown however the book will be edited by Spiegel & Grau executive editor Chris Jackson. (New York Observer)

Aside from books, Ghost is prepping the release of his R&B-based The Wizard of Poetry album.

"The new album is called The Wizard of Poetry," Def Jam rep Lenny Santiago announced in an interview. "It is an R&B album. When I say that, this is what I mean, Ghostface usually raps over melodic, soulful R&B tracks. This time, we came around and I had him rhyme over the same type of tracks, but we matched him with great R&B stars. John Legend is on there. Raheem DeVaughn is on there. Estelle is on there. Musiq Soulchild is on there. Lloyd is on there. We just paired him up. It's the same Ghost, the same gritty host, the same Ghost that talks to the ladies in that soulful voice along with R&B hooks." (MTV)

Cell Block Z is set to hit bookstores Wednesday, July 29th.

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