News: Fabolous Talks G-Unit Collabos, "I F*ck W/ Lloyd Banks So Whenever He's Ready" [Video]

Sunday, Jul 5, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently spoke on his admiration for G-Unit's Lloyd Banks and discussed their "unreleased" collaboration track which may have slipped under the radar.

While saying he was down for a new collaboration with the "Punchline King," Fab also talked about a record the two recorded in the past.

"I wanna do something with Banks," Fab revealed in an interview. "I respect Banks' pen game. We actually, I don't know, he got a song on the cut with me and him that we did for one of his albums back in the days so I don't know what he did with it. I don't know if I got at him too good on it and he ain't wanna put it out, you know what I mean. [laughs] That was a little jab so we can get him to get in and get a new joint out. But I f*ck with Banks and so whenever he's ready we can get it." (This Is 50)

Fab associate Joe Budden also recently spoke on his admiration for Banks and his desire to record a record together.

"I wanna do a song with Lloyd Banks," Budden revealed in a live blog chat on Friday (July 3) afternoon alongside his friend/producer Dough Boy. "I gotta get him, pause. Yeah, that's what I want. I think he's ducking me. I think Banks was dope and then he fell the f*ck off and then he got right back up. So personally, for me, I would want to do a song with him. Nah, he don't got no personality. I'd have to see if I could tear him up [on a record]." (Blog TV)

Banks has been making his rounds on the mixtape circuit over the past few years including the release of The PLK and Halloween Havoc.

"I would lie to say it doesn't," Banks said regarding Lil Wayne's motivation. 'You need something -- it's right there plain in your face. I always felt like that was the formula, like that was the structure I needed to be successful. It's just like the record label looks at it like you're over-saturating. They don't understand the freestyle. They don't make any money off of the freestyle. Anything that they don't make money off of, it doesn't make sense. That's why I had to get away from it. You can't tell me this shit doesn't make sense when this is what got me sittin' in your office. We've done it! We've made it possible for Wayne to understand that formula, and he took it and ran with it!" (Hip Hop DX)

With a new album on the way, Fab recently spoke with SOHH about canceling his appearance on the Rick Ross and Juelz Santana tour.

"The thing with the Rick Ross tour, I think it was like a two-week run and I felt like I just wanted to go a different way," Fab explained. "I didn't really want to do an arena tour or any kind of mixture of that. I wanna do something more intimate, you know, House of Blues type of setting , theater kind of setting and something that complimented me supportive-wise. Not to say Rick Ross and Juelz didn't, hip-hop's so sensitive that you have to do a disclaimer for everything you say. And this project, Loso's Way, I also wanted to do a show with a band...Some hip-hop acts need to try that as well, 'cause it's really instrumental...I just wanted to do something different, so I'm not gonna be on that tour, but look for me to be out on the road late July." (SOHH)

Check out Fabolous' interview below:

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