News: Fabolous Inks "F*ck You" List, "To The Fake A** Industry People Who Smile In Your Face"

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2009 2:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In recognition of his new album Loso's Way hitting stores yesterday (July 28), Fabolous wrote an acknowledgment list he directed to both supporters and "haters."

In addition to thanking his family, artists and label reps, Fab also addressed the people who he has issues with.

"The f*** yous: To everyone who doubted, didn't believe, hated on, or just ignored my talent, my ability, my music!!," he wrote in a blog entry. "To the half of me a** rappers who gave me any kind of hassle 4 my project. To the lame a** producers who didn't send beats or sent bullsh*t 4 my project. To the fake a** industry people who smile in ur face, and act like ur friend but are really frien-a-mies, and don't really wanna see you successful! To the wack a** media who love 2 admire & glorify gossip and bullsh*t instead of true talent! I say f*** em all, Motherf*** em all!!!!" (Global Grind)

Fab's new album features a variety of artists and producers including Jay-Z and Ryan Leslie.

Loso's Way tracklist: "The Way," "Imma Do It," "My Time" featuring Jeremih, "Please Don't Go" featuring Marsha, "Lullaby," "When The Money Goes" featuring Jay-Z, "Throw It in the Bag" featuring The-Dream, "General" featuring Lil Wayne, "Pachanga," "Last Time" featuring Trey Songz, "I'm Back," "All My Ladies" featuring Keri Hilson, "Fabolous' Life" featuring Ryan Leslie and "Let's Make Love" featuring Ne-Yo. Production includes Street Runners, DJ Khalil, The Runners, Syience, The Alchemist, JD, Tricky Stewart, Miguel, Sid V, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Ryan Leslie. (Rap-Up)

He previously spoke on the impact of Carlito's Way upon his project.

"[It] touches on so many issues from the movie, but it still [expresses] principles that people go through every day and could relate to," he explained in an interview earlier this year. "That's why I chose the movie...When I was coming out of the 'hood, I felt I wanted to do something better, and [I put] the journey to do something this album. A lot of things have happened. I've gotten shot, I've got arrested, I've had a baby. All of these things have happened, so I wanted to put that in music form...In my intro, I'm going in certain places and talking about things, talking about certain things that I don't think people have really heard me talk about or heard how I really feel. Right after that, I'm reloaded." (MTV)

The rapper recently explained why he felt it was important to spark a return to an album's theme.

"Of course the theme," Fab said about the album's difference from previous releases. "I wanted to take it back to doing the theme. All those albums back in the day, they had those themes to it. Think of the Biggie, the Pac joints even most of Eminem's albums have a theme to it. It helps you get into that world of the album a little bit and dig it a little bit more. So I wanted to get back into that, but some of the joints are away from the theme but they're still good for the music and play well." (Best of Both Offices)

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