News: Fabolous Denies Swagger Jacking Jay-Z's "American Gangster" LP, "It's A Lot Different"

Thursday, Jul 16, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous recently spoke on his forthcoming Loso's Way album and how there should be no misconception of him trying to bite Jay-Z's movie-based American Gangster project.

Despite enlisting Jay-Z for help on his upcoming disc, Fab explained the differences between both film-related albums.

"I think it's a lot different," he said in an interview. "Just looking at the cover of Jay's American Gangster and the timing of when American Gangster came out, it gave you a different feel. It almost gave you a soundtrack to the movie versus where Carlito's Way came out in '94 so it's different. [A themed album] was just something that I wanted to do, and to do that I needed something to set that was close to my story." (Honey Mag)

The rapper previously spoke with SOHH about his collaboration with Jigga from the album.

"Actually, it got leaked and it was a version with Jay only rapping on it and it's called, 'When The Money Goes,' Fabolous said. "Jay had recorded something to it, I guess what you hear on the leak, for American Gangster and I don't think it made the final cut so he had reached out to me, knowing that I was working on this project and knowing the theme of what I was trying to put together and said, 'Yo, I got a record that might fit in to play.' So, when he brought the record to the table it did. I re-vocaled it. Jay is just on the hook as far as that, it was his idea for the hook." (SOHH)

F-a-b-o will also be hitting the road alongside Jay for a few tour dates.

Fabolous will embark on a radio promo tour in July and open for Jay-Z on seven dates during his tour. In August, he'll begin an official small-venue tour. Additionally, he will release the follow-up club single "Everyday, Everything, Everywhere," featuring Ryan Leslie and Keri Hilson, before the album's release, as well as the Loso's Way DVD, a movie about his struggles to succeed, which will be packaged with the album. (Billboard)

He also spoke on his relationship with Jay earlier this month.

"Me and Jay built a connection through Def Jam," Fab said in an interview. "Through working together executive to artist, we built a different relationship as well. Maybe artist to artist we was in a little different space. You didn't know where each other was at. We work well. When I needed help with the [new] album and I was reaching out for people for joints for the album, he was one of the people that was like, 'Hear this.'...We got a connection. He's from Brooklyn, I'm from Brooklyn -- that's enough of a connection right there...We came up with the songs first...I made the songs to the scenario I thought of. Then I wrote a story [for a film]. Even when I was writing the story, I could hear certain songs coming up in those scenarios, in those scenes. That's why it meshed well." (MTV)

Loso's Way is due in stores Tuesday, July 28th via Def Jam.

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