News: Eminem's Controversial Michael Jackson Outfit Placed In Online Auction

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Eminem's controversial Michael Jackson attire from his "Just Lose It" music video has reportedly been selected as one of the numerous celebrity-contributed items for an online music auction.

Em joined other celebrities with the costume's contribution which went on sale Monday (July 27).

Other artists and prominent figures featured among the more than 450 items offered in the rock 'n' roll and pop art auction on include John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Eminem. The auction will run through August 5. On sale are Dylan's original 1962 working lyrics for his song "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall," jackets worn by Lennon and U.S. rapper Eminem's outfit that parodied Michael Jackson in his "Just Lose It" music video are also on sale. (Reuters)

The rapper's spoof attire sparked a protest against MTV and Eminem from Michael Jackson and his fans in 2004.

"I decided that rather than have anyone speak for me, I would do it myself," Jackson said by telephone during a November 2004 demonstration by fans outside MTV's offices in Times Square. "I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart ... I love them so, so much...I think it's demeaning and disrespectful...It's not just about Michael Jackson but a pattern of disrespect that he's shown to our community. He needs to stop it, and he needs to stop it now." (Fox News)

Em's Shady signee, 50 Cent, recently spoke on Jackson's unexpected death last month.

"I think everybody was [affected by his death]," Fif explained. "Ain't nobody bigger than Mike. 700 million copies? You do that much, not even that, get away from the actual record sales and look at how long. Some people are made for it, so when you come on and you're a star artist and a hit artist at the same time at five [years old],god d*mn. You got kids out there that are great on the Disney Channel, they ain't got major hit records at that point in this time frame and I guess the dynamics of how we accept entertainment at this point is different too. So it changed things but Mike and them, it's not something that's common or we'd have another one. We don't have another one." (Shade 45)

While an autopsy is still being conducted, broadcasts and ceremonies like BET's 2009 Awards were dedicated to Jackson's memory.

The show opened with a medley of songs from the star's youth in the Jackson 5, performed by a reunited New Edition performing with former member Bobby Brown. Host Jamie Foxx entered to Michael's "Beat It," wearing the singer's trademark red zippered jacket from his "Thriller" years and a single white glove. Joking about Michael's shifting appearance over the years, Jamie said, "I loved the old nose and the new nose," before calling attention to the music - and his status as a style icon. (NBC)

The online auction is currently still running via

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