News: Drake To Star As Funnyman In New Sitcom

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2009 5:53PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Drake will make his return to the small screen in a new upcoming series called "Us and Them."

While details are still scarce, the show will reportedly be an "Odd Couple"-styled sitcom.

Also Wednesday, Toronto-based the Nightingale Company said Canadian actor and rap artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham ("Degrassi: The Next Generation") is to develop a new comedy series for the indie producer. Graham, also known as the recording artist "Drake," and fellow actor Mazin Eisadig ("The Line") are to co-star in "Us and Them," a sitcom about best buddies -- and polar opposites ? trying to make their way in the entertainment industry. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Drake originally made a name for himself as a star on the kids-based show "Degrassi."

Graham is a Canadian actor, rapper and singer. He is best known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the physically disabled character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. As a rapper, he performs under the mononym Drake, and is often billed as the new version of The Fresh Prince. (Yo Drake)

He previously spoke on his previous fame as a television star vs. his rap celebrity status.

"'Degrassi' is bigger than what I'm doing right now, it really is," he said in an interview. It's bigger than any Drake, Cudi, Wale, you know, up-and-coming rap sh*t. Like I was doing mall tours with 15,000 people [attending] where the fire marshall would come and shut the mall down 'cause there was just too many people in there. I was signing autographs for three, four hours, with a half an hour lunch break and then going back for four more hours. I've been through that crazy phase." (Vibe)

Kid Cudi has also announced his role on an upcoming HBO series called "How To Make It In America."

"It was important to me early on to branch away from music and actually do something outside my comfort zone. When we were developing my character with the writers, I was telling them, 'Man, I don't want to be anything that has to do with music,' just because that's not really acting." (The Boom Box)

No further information on Drake's new series has been announced yet.

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