News: Drake Reveals Initial Rap Worries, "Money Was An Issue" [Video]

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009 4:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Drake recently spoke on his popular So Far Gone mixtape and how he was able to use dark aspects of his life for records like "Successful."

Drizzy also pointed out the impact his family has had and his initial thoughts of whether the rap game would be his best choice.

"When I was going through the creative process for So Far Gone, I was actually at a pretty dark place in my life," Drake revealed in an interview. "It was a frustrating time for my family, because my grandmother -- who is now in her mid- to late 90s -- was just losing it. It was hard for my mother to watch. And it was just, it was really at a point where it was like, 'Is this rap thing going to work?' Like, 'Is this my choice? Is this what I am committing to?' Money was an issue. 'Degrassi' had ended years ago, and we were just all kind of trying to figure stuff out...So my mother was going through a rough time...And yeah, man, one night she just broke down and tried to actually run away from the house, tried to leave it all behind. It was just a lot going on, and she never would have really left. She would've always come back, but it was just a frustrating moment for her." (MTV)

However, with his recent success, Drake's records have been able to appeal to both men and women.

"Even when I cater to women, men benefit from it," Drake told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "I'm catering to everybody and the greatest thing about it, doing the music that I'm doing, I just speak about myself but some real hood dudes have come up to me like 'I feel that because you're being honest and you're not stepping out of your realm.' I'm just gonna be myself on the record...The album is called Thank Me Later and it's just so much hype going on with everything...I feel like I can have the hottest records in the world and people will just be like, 'Nope, that's not it, I expected more.' But I think if it doesn't grow on you initially, it will grow on you in due time...Those [mixtape] hits weren't hits when I made them. Like when I made 'Successful,' I didn't like 'Successful' and when I made 'Best I Ever Had,' I didn't say this song was gonna go number one. It's very unassuming. I'm a very unassuming artist. I just make the music and it does what it does. I'm hoping I can keep that natural creation process for the rest of my career." (Radio Planet TV)

He also signed with Lil Wayne's Young Money label last month.

"I actually signed directly to my managers Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson," Drake explained in an interview. "And we signed a joint venture with Young Money which is Lil Wayne's company. The courting was nice, I had some great dinners in hotels, I got some nice things [during the bidding war.] I think the best part about it is that we've done this thing in the industry where it's been so organic to do it with the people that I'm doing it with. It's kinda like we're doing it by ourselves. It's distributed through Universal." (Alexa Chung)

The rapper's record deal made headlines before and after the signing.

The long-anticipated wait is over as Drake has signed a record deal which places him under the wings of Young Money/Cash Money with distribution through Universal Republic. While an official statement has yet to emerge, the rapper's long trek of signing speculation has come to an end. (SOHH)

Check out Drake's interview below:

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