News: Drake Reps Young Money For Life, "I Plan To Work W/ Lil Wayne The Rest Of My Career" [Video]

Thursday, Jul 2, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Drake recently spoke on his admiration for Lil Wayne and revealed why he plans to remain under the self-proclaimed "Greatest Rapper Alive's" wing for the remainder of his career.

In addition to Weezy, Drizzy also explained his inability to go completely independent for his debut album.

"It's almost impossible to go fully independent," he said in an interview. "This was basically like the closest thing I could get to my own independence, to sort of continuing to be that guy to the fans that, you know, is trying to prove something --- trying to prove that it can be done...My loyalty lays with Wayne. For him to be able to benefit from the situation and for us to be able to brand Young Money, this is the route that I went. I plan to work with Wayne for the rest of my career so I think it's a smart career move. You know, everybody else [on Young Money] will hopefully work out the situations, get the right people on the album. I think it was important for me to show him that I believed in him as much as he believed in me. Because a lot of months he stuck his neck out there for me." (MTV)

Drake confirmed his Young Money deal earlier this week.

"I actually signed directly to my managers Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson," Drake explained in an interview. "And we signed a joint venture with Young Money which is Lil Wayne's company. The courting was nice, I had some great dinners in hotels, I got some nice things [during the bidding war.] I think the best part about it is that we've done this thing in the industry where it's been so organic to do it with the people that I'm doing it with. It's kinda like we're doing it by ourselves. It's distributed through Universal." (Alexa Chung)

The rapper's record deal made headlines Monday (June 29) afternoon.

The long-anticipated wait is over as Drake has signed a record deal which places him under the wings of Young Money/Cash Money with distribution through Universal Republic. While an official statement has yet to emerge, the rapper's long trek of signing speculation has come to an end. (SOHH)

Online reports also circulated last week which hinted at Drizzy signing to Universal.

According to several sources on the left coast, Toronto native, and Hip-Hop's second coming, Drake, who's been used as tug toy between Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Interscope Records and Def Jam Records has allegedly inked a deal with Universal Records. From my understanding, Drake was set to announce his new found Hip-Hop residence some time soon, but I guess word got out a little premature and landed directly in my lap. Now, the lil birdie who threw me this tidbit got the information straight from the label, so you can kill the LowKey's making up ish? commentary - ASAP. And if this doesn't serve true, well someone up at Universal Records has a lot of explaining to do. (BET)

Check out a snippet of Drake's interview below:

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