News: Drake & Lil Wayne Drop New Music, "Y'all Want Some New Songs From Me?" [Audio]

Monday, Jul 13, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money's Drake and Lil Wayne have both released new songs from their upcoming albums Thank Me Later and The Rebirth over the weekend.

While it is not yet confirmed if the tracks were dropped by the label, Drake's "The Winner" is rumored to be off the rapper's forthcoming debut and produced by Tha Bizness.

"Look, I'm performing tonight/You know the sh*t gonna be packed," Drizzy raps. "Pay me in advance and make sure that it's exact/My ex-girl will probably show up for the simple fact/Tomorrow she can tell all of her friends it was wack...This about me, they saying my whole fan base is missing I.D...Never bring your Mrs. 'round me, I'm it, I'm it/Call me Mr. I-T...And I do, the realest in my age group know sh*t/SoHo, Cosmo...Let's make a toast/Tell your friends come closer/Drinks on me like a coaster/And we doing it big/Look at what I done." ("The Winner")

Wayne's second official Rebirth single, "F*ck You," also landed online.

"Now one, I'm hotter than the motherf*cking sun," Weezy raps. "And two, so that orbit is hotter than you/And three, the baddest that you ever did see...She wanna f*ck me in the mosh pit...Now A, atomic and allogic/And B, baby you're beautiful but, but/C, I can't, can't, can't see you, you with me, but, you, say, I'm the one...And I rock out with my c*ck out/She wanna f*ck me in the mosh pit." ("F*ck You")

Last week Drake hinted that he would be releasing new music sometime today (July 13).

"Y'all want some new songs from me on Monday?," he wrote Friday (July 10). "I'm contemplating" (Drake's Twitter)

The newly signed Young Money artist recently spoke on his universal appeal when writing records.

"Even when I cater to women, men benefit from it," Drake told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "I'm catering to everybody and the greatest thing about it, doing the music that I'm doing, I just speak about myself but some real hood dudes have come up to me like 'I feel that because you're being honest and you're not stepping out of your realm.' I'm just gonna be myself on the record...The album is called Thank Me Later and it's just so much hype going on with everything...I feel like I can have the hottest records in the world and people will just be like, 'Nope, that's not it, I expected more.' But I think if it doesn't grow on you initially, it will grow on you in due time." (Radio Planet TV)

Check out Drake's "The Winner" and Lil Wayne's "F*ck You" below:

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