News: Drake Apologizes To Women For Controversial Video, Turns Down Kanye West Re-Make Offer

Thursday, Jul 30, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorn

Rap newcomer Drake recently spoke on passing up an offer by Kanye West to do a re-make of their "Best I Ever Had" music video.
Drizzy chose to forgo another Kanye West video out of sensitivity for his female fan base.

"That career move was very important to me," he said in an interview. "We've done such a great job of building it all up. It's kind of like people were getting this impression of me that I'm never gonna make a mistake...If you listen to the song, I'm not saying the most graceful thing in the world. It's not the most heartfelt song...I guess one thing I didn't consider is what the song personally means to a lot of women...To those women, I apologize. I do apologize. My intention wasn't to put anyone down. It was to make them laugh. I wanted people to see something visually different." (MTV)

He previously defended the deeper meaning behind the controversial music video.

"The concept of the video is, I'm a coach at a high school and the girls of my life are all on my high school basketball team," he explained. "Throughout the video you see us prepping for this big championship game, and my team ends up losing. You see the looks on their faces at the end of the video, but the moral of the story, I guess, is win or lose, you can still be the best to somebody. When women see the video and see all the breast and ass, hopefully they don't take offense. Hopefully they see the real meaning." (Complex)

Juelz Santana expressed his initial shock to watching the music video.

"A!I just saw the Drake Video.I was Disappointed i think it could of been better.Jus my Otwinion.The song is still hot tho the Chicks was bad" (Juelz Santana's Twitter)

G.O.O.D. Music's Consequence, who made a cameo, also expressed his overall reaction to the production.

Shout out to the homie Drake I brainstormed with Ye on this and it came out DOPE!!! Check out my cameo about 4 mins in! (ItsTheCons)

Check out Drake's interview below:

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