News: Chris Brown Drops "I'm Illy" Freestyle, "I'm Really Loving Rapping Now" [Audio]

Tuesday, Jul 7, 2009 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Chris Brown has switched his style up and stepped further into the spotlight with his new "I'm Illy" freestyle in which he reverts to his inner rapper.

In addition to Chris Breezy, the singer also tagged along Teyana Taylor to exchange bars with him on the freestyle.

"I'm in the clouds homie/No gas mask/Paper stack higher than giraffe's a**," Brown raps. "Red lightning on my head/I'm looking on the bright side/Listen to my music, yes, I highly recommend it/But if you ain't messin' with it, why the h*ll are you commentin'/And I'm really loving rapping now/Know I had to get it in/Listening to rappers and some of 'em sounding feminine/Any stage or any show, I been there did it too/These young n*ggas here now/My little sister Teyana Taylor and yeah I'm Chris Brown/And ain't no goons with me, go on act silly/Don't forget boy sucka I'm illy." ("I'm Illy" Freestyle)

Brown recently made his return to the music spotlight via The Game's "Better On The Other Side" tribute.

"They were really edgy about getting on it," Game explained in an interview. "I think [his managers] wanted Chris Brown's first look to be kind of strategically thought out, and I came so fast with the Michael Jackson tribute -- but we talked it over, and at the end of the day, they thought it was a good idea, so we went ahead and did it...He's like a little brother to me. I talk to him all the time, and I give him my support. You know, I'm no stranger to trials and tribulations in life, and the court system." (CNN)

New York-based rapper Maino discussed his thoughts on Brown recently and how he should be able to avoid any future crimes.

"My predictions are coming true, if you didn't know earlier in the year I predicted that Chris Browns and Rihanna's relationship would not make it to September and earlier this week, he got 5 year probation for the events that caused them to break up," he wrote via a blog posting. "I just want to say that he'll be all right, I don't see him getting into anymore trouble to violate the 5 years probation. [What] happens is they give your a** those 5 years and hope you mess up so they can give you state time. But, like i said earlier he will be all right I have friends that got 20 times worse, so that ain't nothing major. It's just a good feeling to see a lot of my predictions come true, knowing that I got a crystal ball lying aroundin my home and I can see everyone's future." (Global Grind)

Breezy avoided jail time after appearing in a California courtroom late last month.

A plea deal has been reached in the assault case against Chris Brown, defense attorney Mark Geragos said in a hearing Monday. Under terms of the agreement, Brown will serve five years of probation. Los Angeles Criminal Court Judge Patricia Schnegg decided against allowing cameras into the courtroom during Rihanna's testimony, court spokesman Allan Parachini said. (Headline News)

Check out Chris Brown's "I'm Illy" freestyle below:

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