News: Bang Em Smurf On G-Unit, "They Giving Back To The Hood Cause They Finished" [Video]

Thursday, Jul 30, 2009 1:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf recently weighed in on his reaction to 50 Cent and G-Unit celebrating a hometown event next month claiming it is a sign of his ex-camp's downfall.

In addition to saying Fif's move is a sign of desperation, Smurf also pointed out the reasons he felt his ex-crew are losing popularity.

"I'm bringing things back to South Jamaica Queens," Smurf said in a video. "Giving back to the hood, like I've been doing for years. It took 50 and them n*ggas six years to try to give back to the hood now. You know why? 'Cause they're going down. So now they trying to get back to the hood when they finished. So they wanna start taking the hood to motherf*cking Great Adventures...I been doing that for years. Now they giving back to the hood 'cause they finished. You see 50 don't got a [record] deal or the G-Unit don't got a deal in other words. These n*ggas going down. It's a universal law, what goes around comes around. I read a lot of books, that's universal law. The same people you sh*t on, on your way up, you gotta see them on your way back down. And I'm just waving at these n*ggas 'cause I'm on my way up...I just wanna shout-out 50 too because you the reason I'm in the situation I'm in right now. This sh*t is chess, not checkers. I learned that from you too. That one stupid move you made, you know what I'm talking about." (Hip Hop Beef)

50 has recently been promoting an upcoming event at Great Adventures next month.

50 Cent is definitely putting in that work! He's got songs and videos coming out like every week practically! And he's giving back to the hood come the end of August. For those of you not familiar with what 50 got going on here's the scoop: August 29th, 50 is taking the hood to Great Adventures and on August 30th, 50 is having a family day over in 40 Projects. Now that's staying busy. (Hip Hop Gossip)

Smurf previously teamed with Rick Ross in the rapper's online battle against G-Unit.

"Rick Ross, what's poppin' homie," Smurf said in a video. "I just got out after three and a half years in the joint, now I'm back in Trinidad...Everybody wanna know what's the situation with me and 50 right now, why I jumped in that Rick Ross beef...At the end of the day son, 50 is a disrespectful n*gga. He's got to learn a little lesson...50 got shot four times, [Tony] Yayo jumping around DVDs, he ain't like that. At the end of the day, I'm riding with Rick Ross, Maybach Music...And he making my situation much much better in Trinidad for me...Them G-Unit n*ggas is finished. Y'all had your reign. That sh*t is a wrap, I helped start G-Unit and I'ma help finish it...50 said I wrote letters...I wrote one kite and that was in 06 at the end of the day, I let him know I'm looking at life in a different perspective...When they found out I got deported, this n*gga laughing at me. Laugh now." (World Star Hip Hop)

Despite falling out with Smurf around 2004, Fif also discussed Smurf's motivation for teaming with Ross.

"I wasn't surprised," 50 said in an interview with Angela Yee earlier this year. "I got like three letters that he sent to the office, he had turned Muslim while incarcerated and just wanted to make good...He got deported, so he's not even in the United States...While he's out of the country, he saw an opportunity to say something...I think the people around me that would be willing [to be disloyal] were disposed of. Like, they could have potentially have gotten [Young] Buck to do something like that. That's why it was so important that I removed him the way I did. When you identify with a person having interest in themselves and themselves only, you gotta get rid of them. You can't be a team player when they're playing for themselves." (Shade 45)

Check out Bang Em Smurf's interview below:

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