News: 50 Cent's "Streets Of Blood" Footage Leaks Online [Video]

Friday, Jul 10, 2009 5:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Footage from 50 Cent's upcoming movie Streets of Blood has leaked online and shows the rapper working as an undercover cop alongside Val Kilmer.

While the plot is not fully disclosed in the footage, both 50 and Kilmer's characters are established as law enforcement workers.

In the four minute clip, the scene opens with 50 Cent's character driving shotgun alongside Val Kilmer at night. Following their scene is a drug transaction which takes place as a couple drive off in a luxury vehicle and the seller proceeds up a hill.Upon reaching the top, the man is confronted by both Kilmer and Fif's characters. The drug dealer manages to escape temporarily before being taken down by 50. Upon learning some information about a DEA agent who works for both the streets and government, a truck follows up unloading bullets and leaving the dealer slain. Sharon Stone is also featured in the clip. (SOHH)

The film, originally slated for the big screen, will be released on DVD later this month.

Directed by Charles Winkler, the R-rated movie will be available on DVD on July 28, 2009. With a running time of 95 minutes, the production features Val Kilmer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Sharon Stone, Dylan McDermott and Brian Presley. Retail price currently stands at $26.99. (Amazon)

Various sites reported on the unexpected retail store move which was revealed in May.

We have just confirmed with movie studio Anchor Bay that they have bought the outright film distribution rights to 50 Cent's new movie Streets of Blood. Those in the industry know though that Anchor Bay buys and distributes movies straight to video. For those 50 fans, you might remember that this is the movie where 50 and co-star Val Kilmer formed a strong friendship. (Woooha)

Aside from the film, Fif was recently announced to star in the re-make of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde.

Director Abel Ferrara is taking another walk on the wild side with a re-imagining of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which will be contemporized and titled Jekyll and Hyde. Forest Whitaker and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson are attached to play the lead roles in the classic tale about a doctor who invents a potion that unleashes his violent alter ego. (Variety)

Check out footage from the upcoming movie below:

50 Cent - Streets Of Blood The Movie (4 min Snippet)

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