News: 50 Cent Unveils Mixtape Secrets, "Writing A Song That Already Has Content Is Easy For Me" [Audio]

Tuesday, Jul 7, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently shared his secrets to crafting a mixtape and how his experience with the underground circuit allows him to complete the promotional use-only projects in days.

Referring to the old-school vibes of his Forever King and Sincerely Yours mixtapes, Fif also gave props to Hot 97 radio station deejay Mister Cee.

"It'll be some more records there playing," 50 said in an interview. "Mister Cee plays a lot of that music still, 'Old School At Noon.' I had Cee send me a CD that he thought would be hot to hear. Even some of his favorites, I listen to 'em and production-wise, I wanted them to still meet what the youthful audience feels is hot right now. So some of those records, some of the things they were saying was cool that I could have wrote from that perspective like writing a remix is easy. Like writing a song that already has the context of the song already there is easy for me. Then it's not process, it's just putting the words to the scenario. If you have a production plan but no idea where you're going or what to write, that's when it starts to get difficult. Mixtape material is easy for me. Two days, three days, [I record it]. I know who I'm talking to." (MTV)

Fif's latest mixtape, Forever King, landed online last week and featured a diamond encrusted skull and tribute to Michael Jackson.

Forever King: "I'm Paranoid," "Respect It Or Check It," "Suicide Watch," "Things We Do," "Get The Money," "Funny How time Flies," "If U Leaving, Then Leave...," "Dreaming," "Michael Jackson Freestyle," "London Girl Pt. 2," "Touch Me" and "Put That Work In." (Da Shady Board)

In addition to the new mixtape, the rapper has promised more free music for fans.

"I'm pressing the re-start button man," Fif said in an interview. "I need a record deal, anybody that'll sign me? We gonna go to the second mixtape, the next mixtape will be out July 3rd, it's called Forever King, I'll put another one out right after. War Angel, that's out now. I don't care, I just wanna make music. Sometimes I get in pocket, where I'm in a good space creatively and I can write anything. I wrote four records just last night. Like I've been up for almost 43 hours." (Radio Planet TV)

While his Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to drop in September, Fif has kept busy with music video releases for his mixtape tracks including "I'll Do Anything" and "OK, You're Right."

Debuting officially via This Is 50 with the promotion of "7/01 and 7:01 PM" to give fans advanced notice of its premiere, the rapper's latest mixtape viral music video shows 50 without his G-Unit team side-by-side with him. Taking fans into a long, well-drawn out path of a frozen shot with robbers dressed as clowns and police attempting to stop the perceived incident, Fif is later seen in various shots of the clip switching from an on-stage performance with fans abruptly jumping and him in the robbery uniform and mask. The credits are given to Dan The Man and Chris "Broadway" Romero. While not featured in the video, quick shots of both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are displayed throughout. (SOHH)

Check out 50 Cent's interview below:

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