News: 50 Cent Spills Details On "Power By 50" Cologne, "It Allows People To Come Closer To Me" [Video]

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2009 4:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent recently spoke on the motivation behind his upcoming Power By 50 fragrance and how it will allow fans and users alike to be more like him.

Speaking through behind-the-scenes footage of the cologne's advertising campaign, Fif explained various aspects of the product's design.

"When a woman smells a fragrance from me, I want it to be a sensual toxicant, ultra sexy and that's why I created Power," Fif said in a video. "I decided to create a fragrance to be able to offer some of the same energy and ideas that I actually have into a fragrance that embodies everything I actually have in my experience. The actual cap has a lot of details in it. It's actually inspired by some of my favorite watch companies' bezels. Few other companies use these [strategies] on the top of the actual bottles. It was a process, of course I had great help designing it and it was totally me. It was my choices, the things that you see in the actual packaging so I'm excited to have the opportunity to present it to the public. It allows people to come closer to me...It's really about confidence. I don't think you have the ability to show people who you are without having the actual confidence to be yourself in front of them." (Forbez DVD)

Fif's new venture makes him the first official fragrance launch through Lighthouse Beauty and will be handled by Violator Management head Chris Lighty.

Set to debut at Macy's stores, Power by 50 Cent is the first launch for the newly formed Lighthouse Beauty, which is comprised of artist managers at Brand Asset Management, the celebrities they represent, and developers and distributors of luxury fragrances. Lighthouse Beauty is helmed by Lighty, Howard Sherman of Mod Beauty, Philip Zellner of Product King Marketing, World Source Marketing Group, 111 Design and Edge Display, and Glenn Nussdorf, a major shareholder of Parlux, Perfumania and Quality King. (Women's Wear Daily)

Lighty has weighed in on his thoughts on Fif's new business venture and the company's overall goal.

"The typical musician or actor might not know much about developing a fragrance or a skin care line, but he definitely wants to capitalize on his brand potential," said Lighty, chief executive officer of Brand Asset Group and founder of Violator Management. "After spending years bringing clients to major corporations to forge partnerships, I wanted to take that synergy to the next level by establishing a destination for artists and celebrities to create and distribute their brands from start to finish. What we'll do at Lighthouse Beauty is not only transform a name into a product, but also take that product from its inception to the shelves." (Statement)

In addition to competing with Diddy's I Am King cologne, the rapper will now face competition by Jay-Z and Kanye West who recently inked fragrance deals.

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West all got fragrance deals when Iconic Fragrances, LLC (where Jay-Z is a principal) signed an agreement with Parlux. Also part of the contract is the announcement of an upcoming scent with a "well-established female artist." Considering it's Jay-Z's deal and he's married to Beyonce, let's read between the lines on that one. (New York Magazine)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on Power By 50 below:

50 Cent Introducing his New Fragrance Power

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