News: 50 Cent On Eminem Collabo Album, "We'd Do That In A Heartbeat"

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2009 11:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed what it would take to step behind the booth alongside Eminem to create a collaboration album.

Although 50 Cent has denied rumors that a joint project with Em was in production, he explained how the idea could turn into a full length album.

"I'd love to," 50 said about making an album with Em. "We haven't [seriously] discussed making an album together, 'cause we would have to sit collectively and create each song...Unless we was doing something where half of it was his and half of it was mine. And conceptually, maybe if he came up with the first six songs and I built the last six songs and we just featured on each other's records, you know what I mean? We'd do that in a heartbeat." (MTV)

Former XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief Elliot Wilson previously weighed in on the possibility of an Em meets 50 joint record.

"I don't think Em and 50 will ever get it together to do an album," Wilson said in an interview. "I know there was talk of [a joint album] when 50 first blew up and it was gonna be called Black and White. I personally love that title. I'm sure there are plenty of unreleased records they've done and some kinda compilation could be released one day. But as far as a full-fledged album recorded together, that's doubtful. Then again, this is hip-hop, so what the f*ck do we know?" (VH1)

50 recently spoke on the chemistry he shares with both Em and Dr. Dre.

"I think we absolutely in a great space considering his project is where it's at, number one," Fif said in an interview regarding Relapse. "And it's working. Until they find a collaboration of artists that work as well as we do together, I don't think we got issues...I feel like [Em] is the best rapper because he possesses the way to say things that aren't supposed to be cool." ("106 & Park")

Fif was initially involved in talks of his Before I Self Destruct album going head-to-head against Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, however, the two projects will be released on different dates.

If reports are accurate, the Roc Nation President can expect a future Soundscan ambush from fellow East Coast rapper, 50 Cent. According to reports, Fif plans to drop his fourth album Before I Self Destruct on the same day as Jay's highly anticipated Blueprint 3. (YoRaps)

50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct is slated to drop Tuesday, September 29th.

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