News: 50 Cent Inspired By Method Man, "He Was Just In That Zone & That Sh*t Is Still Hot" [Video]

Saturday, Jul 4, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently spoke on his admiration for Method Man and why the Staten Island emcee, in his opinion, out-shined the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

In addition to Mef, the rapper also spoke on GZA's rhyming skills and overall content.

"I always thought he was better than the rest of 'em," Fif said in an interview. "Maybe that's why he had to come out first. I listen to his music still...Sh*t, he had one of those moments where whatever he said was golden. He was just in that zone. F*ck that, that sh*t is still hot. What the music said to me and the impression it had on me in that time frame is still there. I had one of them say something about me, one of the Wu-Tang...The Genius I think, but I never really liked his music. His was always so smart that it was stupid, I didn't really like his sh*t. It was good but it wasn't, Mef was better than him to me...Mef was the one, that's why it went first and I'm sure they know that...He had what was necessary for that sh*t to go off." (XXLMag)

Fif previously aired out his issues with GZA last year in defense for teen rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em.

"Recently I seen a video on YouTube and the video was of the GZA, that's short for The Genius," in an interview. "He's a 'Genius', I'm sure everyone else has forgotten who he is also," 50 said. "This guy gets on stage and obviously he's drunk, and he starts talking about Soulja Boy who is 16 years old. Shout out to Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy's hot, he had a hot song, he produced the record. Genius should shut up, just shut up! Kid is 16 years old and we googled you, you were born in '66. He was born in 1966. Listen, I have an old school Chevy Impala your age." (Def Sounds)

The rapper recently spoke on his admiration for Soulja Boy and talked about Charles Hamilton's publicized altercation with his alleged girlfriend.

"At the end of the day, knowing that you have that hit record at 16 is gonna change his mother's house, put his mom in a new house, make Christmas different for his sister and kids that look up to him," Fif explained. "He hotter than half them n*ggas down there to me. He got commercial, hit records...He was beefing with Charles Hamilton, I seen a girl knock this n*gga the f*ck out...He lucky he ain't hit her back. He woulda hit her and got his a** beat. They woulda put that n*gga through the meat grinder. You don't [come back from that.] You say, 'Look, I'm a gentleman.' You play the gentleman role after that because if he would have hit dude's daughter, n*ggas woulda, ah man." (Radio Planet TV)

He also shared his thoughts on rap newcomer Drake and his upcoming collaboration alongside Jay-Z last month.

"[Lil Wayne] has that new kid, what's his name, Drake," Fif said in an interview. "The kid is coming up. I heard Jay-Z got him on his single. Right? That was ill, like, that was fast! For him to put him on his single, like that's ill. I don't know if he's rhyming or singing but the fact that he's on it is hot. Like that was a fast come-up. Jay won't even rap on his own artists and be in the video with 'em. Freeway, he did Freeway dirty. In the Freeway project, we were doing something together. It was all of us together, Jay had a record with Freeway and I said 'If you shoot that one, I'll shoot the one that I did with him and we'll make the video.' Now tell me that ain't the perfect scenario for Freeway." (Hot 97)

Check out 50 Cent's interview below:

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