News: 50 Cent Drops "Forever King" Mixtape, "Act As If You're A King" [Audio]

Friday, Jul 3, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has released his new Forever King mixtape and promised more upcoming music to land online throughout the rest of the summer.

Following up his War Angel tape, the G-Unit leader spoke on his newly released street banger.

"It was Sincerely Southside Part 2, but I changed it to Forever King because of the content," he explained in an interview. "I wanted to not just make all '90s music, I wanted to switch up the content a little bit. Also, calling it Sincerely Southside would cause an expectation based on Part 1. So I called it Forever King. In the past, you've had artists, when they feel they're on top their game, say they are, or would be considered, the King in New York City. So I feel on top of my game. It's actually one of the laws of power: Act as if you're a king to be treated like a king." (MTV)

The cover art, which features a diamond encrusted skull and tribute to Michael Jackson, in addition to the tracklisting have all been released online.

Forever King: "I'm Paranoid," "Respect It Or Check It," "Suicide Watch," "Things We Do," "Get The Money," "Funny How time Flies," "If U Leaving, Then Leave...," "Dreaming," "Michael Jackson Freestyle," "London Girl Pt. 2," "Touch Me" and "Put That Work In." (Da Shady Board)

In addition to the new mixtape, the rapper has promised more free music for fans.

"I'm pressing the re-start button man," Fif said in an interview. "I need a record deal, anybody that'll sign me? We gonna go to the second mixtape, the next mixtape will be out July 3rd, it's called Forever King, I'll put another one out right after.War Angel, that's out now. I don't care, I just wanna make music. Sometimes I get in pocket, where I'm in a good space creatively and I can write anything. I wrote four records just last night. Like I've been up for almost 43 hours." (Radio Planet TV)

Aside from the rap game, Fif also paid homage to Michael Jackson's legacy in an interview last week.

"I think everybody was [affected by his death]," Fif explained. "Ain't nobody bigger than Mike. 700 million copies? You do that much, not even that, get away from the actual record sales and look at how long. Some people are made for it, so when you come on and you're a star artist and a hit artist at the same time at five [years old],god d*mn. You got kids out there that are great on the Disney Channel, they ain't got major hit records at that point in this time frame and I guess the dynamics of how we accept entertainment at this point is different too. So it changed things but Mike and them, it's not something that's common or we'd have another one. We don't have another one." (Shade 45)

Forever King is reportedly available via

Check out 50 Cent speaking on Forever King below:

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