News: 50 Cent Concert The Subject Of $125K Lawsuit

Friday, Jul 31, 2009 11:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A 50 Cent concert scheduled for this summer has become the subject of a $125,000 lawsuit filed against the rapper's agents, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

According to reports, Major Movez paid for a performance by the rapper.

A German promotional company is calling against 50 Cent's agents -- claiming the William Morris Endeavor agency charged them $125,000 to negotiate for a concert that never happened. The company, Major Movez, claims all they wanted to do was talk with Fiddy's peeps about the possibility of booking the rapper for a concert in Graz, Austria in the summer of 2009. But according to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, WMA claimed it would cost the German's $125k for the opportunity to negotiate -- with no promise of a deal -- and if the deal fell through, "WME would return the entire amount." The Germans claim they ponied up -- but when the deal eventually crumbled, they never got their $125,000 back. Now they're taking WMA to court, where they are demanding ze swift return of their Deutsche Marks. (TMZ)

The company is known for representing a variety of artists throughout the country.

WME (William Morris Endeavor) Entertainment is one of the largest and most diversified entertainment agencies with offices in New York City, New York; Beverly Hills, California; Nashville, Tennessee; London, England; Miami Beach, Florida; and Shanghai, China. WMA represents clients from all artistic disciplines, including motion pictures, television, music, theatre, publishing, commercials, sports, digital media, and video games. (William Morris Endeavor)

William Morris merged with Endeavor last May.

After William Morris and Endeavor finally got hitched this month, the big question around town was, "Now what?" The newly named WME Entertainment will be going through all the normal phases of consolidation, but in Hollywood, people want to know the juicy goods: Who's staying, and who's going? WMA agent David Lonner has said he will not be part of the new regime; Lonner represents J.J. Abrams, Alexander Payne and Jon Turtletaub, among others. And Endeavor's co-founder and partner Tom Strickler also has said he will not be part of the new regime, choosing instead to retire from the talent agency game. (The Wrap)

Fif previously made headlines when VitaminWater, which he owned a stake in, was sued earlier this year.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a class action lawsuit against Coca-Cola, which owns VitaminWater, claiming they mislead consumers using "buzzwords" in their marketing campaign, such as "defense," "rescue," "energy," and "endurance." CSPI leader Steven Gardner feels, "It is really shocking that a company like Coca-Cola feels the need to market a soft drink as a vitamin pill to hid the fact it is really sugar water." (Emax Health)

No further information has been provided.

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