News: Trina Enlists Nicki Minaj, "We Have To Show That Women Are Relevant In Hip-Hop"

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009 3:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Trina recently spoke on the role of women within the rap game and how newcomers like Nicki Minaj will help lead the way to respect in a male-dominated genre.

In addition to new femcees, Trina also spoke on the female rappers who have remained relevant throughout the past few years.

"It gets me because I know there are so many talented female MCs out there," she explained in an interview. "There's Lil' Kim, Missy, Eve and all these beautiful women. They have all made great albums in the past. I just wish we had the same type of relationship as the guys. I think as women we are little more emotional; we have egos. That's what's making female rap smaller and smaller. After so long you just get tired of wishing about stuff. One of my favorite records of all time is Lil' Kim's 'Ladies' Night.' Mostly every female that was in the game was in that video. I think that's what we are missing. That unity. But the great thing is there are other girls coming up like Nicki Minaj. We have to show that women are relevant in hip hop. We have a voice. We do have things to say. But more importantly women need other women to make them feel strong. I come from a family of all women, so that's the strength that I get." (Vibe)

Nicki has begun making a name for herself courtesy of her association with Lil Wayne's Young Money record label and her summer tour.

Since making a splash recreating Lil' Kim's infamous bikini-squat pose for the cover of her 2008 mixtape Sucka Free, Minaj - a 24-year-old, multiracial (she is of African, Trinidadian and Indo-Asian descent) Queens-born rapper - has assumed the roles of Marilyn Monroe, Chaka Khan, Mickey Mouse and even Harry Potter's pal Hermione. Now Minaj, a protege of the rap impresario Lil Wayne, is drawing attention for her searing new summer album, Beam Me Up Scotty. (New York Times)

She recently spoke with SOHH about another form of unity within the rap game including Kanye West's associate Amber Rose hitting on her via Twitter.

"I was very shocked," she revealed. "It was funny. She said it to me when we met in person so I was like, 'Whoa she's dead serious 'cause she put it on Twitter.' I was just laughing like everybody else probably. I had to take it in a little bit...pause. She's a dope girl. She's real funny. She just took an interest to me. I guess that's a good thing when a bad b*tch likes you, you know?" (SOHH)

Trina has over a decade of music to her name.

Miami-based rapper Trina first gained notoriety in 1998 with her appearance on Trick Daddy's album. Her own debut album, Da Baddest Bitch, featured a cameo by Trick Daddy and was released in early 2000 on Atlantic Records. She spent the next two years honing her raw, raunchy style. She paired up with Missy Elliott for the recording of her second effort, 2002's Diamond Princess. Out of her first three albums, the star-studded, very polished 2005 effort Glamorest Life sold the worst, even with the hit single "Here We Go" featuring Kelly Rowland. No surprise, then, that her 2008 release, Still da Baddest, was a return to the rawness of her debut. (All Music)

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