News: Trick Daddy Speaks On Miami's Dominance, "They Gotta Respect That" [Video]

Friday, Jun 12, 2009 4:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Miami rapper Trick Daddy recently spoke on his city's overwhelming popularity and said the M-I-A has become one of the core regions for hip-hop artists in recent years.

Trick offered a number of reasons to support his claim of Miami's dominance.

"Miami's taking over," Trick said in an interview. "'Cause all the award shows are coming from Miami, all the tv shows coming to Miami, all the movies being shot in Miami, all the videos been shot in Miami. All the producers, everybody who got a million dollars or better got through to stand Miami so that's what it's about. So that's what this is. They gotta respect that. If they can't get to our hood, they can't come out to the corner and hang with us." (MTV)

Conversely, LL Cool J recently spoke on New York City losing its trend-setting status.

"From a hip-hop stand point, the difference in vibe between New York back then and New York now, I think the difference is that New York was setting the tone and kinda setting all of the musical trends at that time," LL said in an interview. "When we first came out with hip-hop after [Grandmaster] Flash and them came in and smash the locks and Run[DMC] and them kicked the door in. All the rest of us kinda ran in right behind Run and them. We were setting the tone in terms of clothing, in terms of slang, in terms of musical styles. We were doing 808' that are growing up in hip-hop today think that the 808's is a Southern sound, not realizing that my whole first album was 808's. Not that that matters, but it just shows you how things change and evolve...We were in the lead, creatively and I don't know if New York is in the lead, musically, anymore." (Global Grind)

Despite love for his city, Trick has publicly discussed his differences with fellow Miami rapper Rick Ross.

"I'd like to apologize to all my fans even the Rick Ross fans for any of this situation coming up because I know it's gonna get bigger now because I've said something about it," Trick said. "I read the blogs and would like to thank everybody for commending me for taking it like a man and knowing that I said the political correct answer and I'd also like to apologize for my kid misbehaving in class and on the radio and in concerts because I raised his a**. What happened, I let Ross start eatin' table food too fast, you know when you don't raise your kid they will throw their hands up at you...I just don't understand it, I was a big Ross fan and if you check all my interviews, you check the web, radio, I never sneak dissed him, I always tell people I like Ross as an artist even when he was Teflon Don. Whatever he wanted to be, I supported him." (Shade 45)

Trick previously spoke with SOHH about his battle with the disease Lupus.

"I don't want no body to feel embarrassed about it or uncomfortable about it," he explained. "A lot of people probably think, 'Oh I hate my life. Why do God got me living like this? Why am I the only one'? No, there's hundreds of thousands of millions of us that suffer from the disease. I'm a person that would get a couple of people's attention. I could make them a little more comfortable with dealing with the situation." (SOHH)

Check out Trick's interview below:

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