News: The Game Offers Summer Challenge, "Ain't A N*gga That's Gonna Out-Mixtape Me"

Thursday, Jun 11, 2009 5:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Black Wall Street leader The Game recently updated fans on the process of his forthcoming The R.E.D. Album and challenged rappers to a weekly mixtape stand-off this summer.

The West Coast rapper has promised to heat up the next few months with a new mixtape each week.

The Game is in L.A. right now, working on The R.E.D. Album with Cool & Dre. Although a release date has not been set, The Game will release unofficial projects this summer. "This summer, it ain't a n*gga that's gonna out-mixtape me," Game said in an interview. "I'm dropping a mixtape every week. It ain't gonna be like no bullsh*t mixtape sh*t. I'm dropping mixtapes that sound better than people's albums. The first one is gonna be the Bloody Thumb with the red thumb print on the front." (MTV)

Aside from the mixtapes, Game will also make his first United Kingdom performance since last December this summer.

The Game returns to the UK with three live dates confirmed across the country. His albums have sold a total of half a million In the UK, and netted him worldwide sales of seven million. The Game toured the UK last year and returns for the following shows: Tuesday, July 14 O2 Academy, Leeds. Wednesday July 15 O2 Academy, Liverpool. Thursday, July 16 O2 Academy, Bristol. Tickets are priced and available beginning Friday (May 22). (eGigs)

Prior to the upcoming tour, Game hit the road earlier this year to promote his third album.

He has assembled a coast-to-coast US trek to support his latest effort, LAX. The club/theater outing is scheduled to visit nearly 30 cities, starting with several California performances in mid-February. Beginning Feb. 18 and concluding Mar. 29, stops include Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Tulsa, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, New Haven, Providence, Norfolk, New York and more. (Live Daily)

With the new album on the way reportedly beef-free, Game previously spoke on moving past his differences with 50 Cent.

"I ain't talked to 50 in like three, four years," he said in an on-street interview earlier this year. "I don't know man, let homie get his money. He got his G-Unit sh*ts I be hearing in the club sometimes. Those la-di da-di sh*ts. The b*tches be dancing, the n*ggas be partying, if the beat is hot I'll dance. 50, get your money n*gga, I ain't hating...I got ThisIzGame, everything that n*gga do I'm on that n*gga head. Whatever he do, he can come with 50RunsTheWorld I'm coming out with GameRunsTheWorld. I'm on that n*gga's a** man." (Smack DVD)

No information has been announced for the forthcoming mixtape and album release dates.

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