Exclusive: Busta Rhymes & Hurricane Chris Offer The Blueprint To Summer Hits, "The Beat Got To Knock"

Thursday, Jun 4, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Danica Dow

With the weather heating up, SOHH asked Busta Rhymes, Hurricane Chris and M.O.P. if they could lay out the formula for a hot summer song.

As SOHH celebrates summer music, Hurricane Chris--who is set to release his sophomore album, Unleashed--revealed his methods for crafting a summer hit.

"To have a hot summer song you gon' have to have that beat that sound like summertime. You gon' have to have that track that just makes you want to come out and feel fresh," he said. "It just makes you want to put on some good fresh clothes. And you got to have that hook on there, that chorus where they know it's time to party. Summer time they know it's time to party. You can't be talking 'bout the wrong things. You gotta be talking 'bout the club, 'bout staying out late every night. It's summer time. It's hot outside." (SOHH)

Busta Rhymes, who's new album Back on My B.S. just hit stores, agrees.

"What makes a hot summer song? First and foremost, the beat. The beat got to knock and make motherfuckers wanna spazz out, drop they top, throw they hands in the air while they riding down the strip," Busta told SOHH. "The second thing is it got to be a tempo that's a danceable one because all of the block parties is happening in the summer. All the greekfests... the Penn relays, the Kentucky Derby, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July the grills is out the barbecues is happening. (SOHH)

Billy Danze of M.O.P. doesn't think the formula is so simple.

"You can't say what makes a good summer record. It's got to be the timing that you put the record out. How people take the record. It doesn't have to be a pop feeling record or an R&B feeling record. Every fan will have their big summer record. You get the underground dudes that will like whatever the underground record is that makes sense for that time." (SOHH)
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