News: Sheek Louch Promises No Bad Blood W/ Diddy, "Puff Is My N*gga, Real Talk" [Video]

Friday, Jun 26, 2009 8:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Lox's Sheek Louch recently spoke on his current relationship status with Diddy and said despite their past contractual issues, the hip-hop mogul has worked closely with his rap group.

After announcing earlier this month Diddy's help in promoting the Lox's upcoming album, Sheek said his respect for Puff excels past music.

"Shout-out to Puff, I gotta say that for him even giving our publishing back," Sheek said in an interview. "For him even coming up to us to make this next Lox project and the past...Puff is my n*gga, yeah Puff is my n*gga. I love the Ciroc. I love it all, that's my n*gga, real talk. Like we had our ups and downs, everybody heard the radio, him getting at us, we getting at him. Living and learning and things like that, but we grown now. We done so much sh*t after that, you know, it's been ridiculous." (Forbez DVD)

Despite contractual issues in the past, Sheek previously said his group's experience in the rap game allowed them to do business with Diddy again.

"We're grown now," Sheek said in an interview. "No man can do anything to me if I don't let it happen. Whatever happens, I have to put blame on myself first before I blame anyone else. And not saying that he's going to do that or anything like that. We're all in a better space now and I want to learn to make that big money and do it real big. So he'll be dealing with us with this album. He wants to put the project out and add his part on to things but we're going to do what we do and deliver that fire. Sh*t, we all come too far not to be able to do what we do." (Hip Hop DX)

Jadakiss recently spoke on re-joining Diddy and complimented his former boss' business habits.

"Around Christmas time," Kiss told Miss Info referring to the album's release date. "We six, seven songs in. We got a meeting actually with Puffy in a couple of weeks I think. We got a sit-down dinner. I just got that news delivered to me...At the end of the day, if it's beneficial for both parties on a financial end and on just good vibes, it could always work. The big wigs do it, the billionaires do it everyday...It started off with him just throwing it out there as a joke but I guess when he thought about it, how huge it could be with us linking back with him after ten years, all the marketing he could put around it, Ciroc ads, he's one of the smartest business gangsters that ever touched this industry. And he knows everything that we went through, so the checks are gonna have to be nice." (Miss Info)

Along with a 2005 radio interview rant on Hot 97 by Lox and Puff, both parties came to terms shortly afterward.

"I've kicked it with him in the studio and talked about life in general, not just music," Jada said in an interview. "This was after the bullsh*t, the big publishing argument on the radio. I don't know what made us get tight, I guess time heals all wounds. Not for nothing, I learned a lot about the game from Diddy, despite whatever happened with us, however it turned out. We had some of our greatest times in the world with him." (Complex)

A release date for the forthcoming Lox album has not yet been announced.

Check out Sheek Louch's interview below:

Sheek Louch Speaks On Diddy, Biggie And More

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