News: Mase Returns To Rap Game, "It's Mase & Drake, Promise You'll Remember This" [Audio]

Monday, Jun 29, 2009 12:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy protege Mase has shown signs of returning to the rap game by appearing on the "Best I Ever Had" remix alongside rap newcomer Drake.

While it is still unclear whether Drake is aware of the new feature, Mase's rhymes on the track show they are not recycled bars.

"I said girl so beautiful, down to the cuticle," Mase raps, "I can't explain it, everytime I take a picture with you, I wanna frame it...Please don't re-arrange it, I could be your prosecutor, you can be my plaintiff/You could be my coffee girl and I could be your danish/You already camera-ready, you ain't even famous...I'll move you out the 'hood for good/Not ask that brother if he would he could/Mase won't lie to you, when I say I'm good, I'm good/Strawberry or canary, tell me how you want your wrist/It's Mase and Drake, promise you'll remember this." ("Best I Ever Had" remix)

Mase recently displayed his relevancy in hip-hop by speaking with DMX upon his departure from prison last month.

"I'm speechless man," Mase explained in an interview. "This is a dream come true. When I wrote the first book that I wrote, I wrote in there that I had this dream and this vision and they was asking me what kind of dream church I would have and what type of people would be there, and he was one of the first people's names I put in the book. This is monumental, I'm very speechless and very humble...It's like when you do something, it's one thing to touch a thousand people in San Francisco, it's another thing to touch a thousand people in San Jose, but when you can touch people who were like you were, that's the ultimate award." (Strawberry In The Morning)

The rapper also discussed his underlying motives for joining G-Unit around 2005.

"I think people look at me like I've taken the step that people are most fearful of taking," he said in an interview last January. "It's not just the giving it up; it's the sticking with it. Like most people have seen a lot of entertainers entertain the thought, but we haven't seen many stick with it....In order for people to understand, you have to take them from where you were, to where you are. So in taking people from where I was, it would require you to do music that exemplified where you were, then if I would have stayed in it, I was going to musically bring them to where I am. But then I started seeing that what I'm thinking and what they're thinking is totally two different things." (Phoenix New Times)

His last album dropped nearly five years ago.

Mase worked extensively with inner-city youth, became an in-demand inspirational speaker on the religious circuit, and published a memoir titled Revelations: There's a Light After the Lime. He returned with a new album, Welcome Back, in 2004. (All Music)

Check out Mase's remix to Drake's "Best I Ever Had" below:

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