Pulse Report: Hip-Hop Reacts To Michael Jackson's Death, 50 Cent Not Sold On Drake, Alfamega Breaks Silence

Friday, Jun 26, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week?s Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, the death of Michael Jackson, 50 Cent commenting on Drake's buzz, Alfamega coming clean on snitch allegations, Charles Hamilton turning down Soulja Boy's swag, and Angel Lola Luv giving Kerrine Steffens the boot.

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1. All Hail The King

The world lost an entertainment icon yesterday with the passing of Michael Joseph Jackson. The King of Pop died at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Of course the sadness of the shocking death of the 50-year-old entertainer was felt throughout the hip-hop community where Jackson influenced many of the genre's top artist. MTV held a tribute show in Jackson's honor and several hip-hop stars called in to express their condolences and memories.

Fat Joe believes Jackson paved the way for many of today's artist.

"This is probably [among] the top three worst days of my life there wouldn't be no Usher, there wouldn't be no Chris Brown. There wouldn't be nobody without MJ. There wouldn't be no Justin."

Snoop Dog recalled meeting Jackson.

"I feel like his music will never die and his spirit will never die, because he influenced so many if us. He gave us a lot of hope that we feel like we can be big. He was very inspiring and up close and personal with his fans. That to me was special. That's one of the things that I loved about Mike. When I got a chance to meet him, that's the feeling and spirit that I got from him."

Lil Wayne offered:

"I personally can't believe it, but it's more unfortunate for the world of music. ... My love goes out to his family. ... A sad day in history, not [just] music."

Irv Gotti dubbed Jackson, "the biggest star of our generation".

"He made the best records, videos, everything. I'm saddened by the world's loss."

Wyclef Jean said the pop star was more than a music icon.

"Michael Jackson was my musical God. He made me believe that all things are possible, and through real and positive music. He can live forever!?

Russell Simmons added:

"Michael Jackson was my generation's most iconic cultural hero. Courageous, unique and incredibly talented. He'll be missed greatly."

Diddy Tweeted:

"Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!"

This is still a shock to me. Michael Jackson will be missed and I hope in his passing we can begin to appreciate his greatness again. I'm pleased I witnessed his greatness.

2. Buzz Kill

Before the news of the Michael Jackson's shocking death, hip-hop fans were dissecting the curious comments 50 Cent made regarding Drake's current success. The G-Unit general was asked by XXL.com if he had heard the comparisons some were making between his debut buzz and Drake's current buzz. 50 shot down the notation that there were any similarities and poked at Drake's situation as industry aided hype.

"I didn't hear that, I don't think you can accomplish that right now. Not without finance. I hear his record on the radio. He got a good buzz, I hear him. Shit, it wasn't possible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming. You know mine's was completely organic."

I'll agree with 50 that his buzz was a bit more grassroots than Drake's, but I can here the chess pieces moving around. Curtis is coming for Drake. It's the only way he knows how to play the game. I know he better step his musical game up before he steps to Dreezy.

3. Broken Silence

Former Grand Hustle Records rapper Alfamega has finally broken his silence on the allegations that he was a government informant. The beefy rapper spoke to allhiphop.com about snitching and his disappoint that T.I. released him from the label.

"I caught a case, pleaded guilty," Alfa said about his 1990's arrest. "Received my time. I was doing my time. All the extra stuff dudes' talking about...Anybody that know me, if I had did something on somebody in this city, and people knew that I was accused of doing what they accusing me of right now? Somebody woulda been stepped to me about that. Like I said, Alfamega ain't never snitched on nobody. He done lied on somebody, but he ain't never snitched. And we ain't even gotta say Alfamega, 'cause y'all got my name out there now: Cedric Zellers...You do 85 percent of your time in the Feds. I really wasn't supposed to do the whole sentence, but I got into an altercation in the last prison I was in. So they took some good time away. They gave me 60 extra days...I'm older than Tip. I'm from the Westside, he from the Westside. Where I come from, if you have a label of being a snitch, you gon' get dealt with. So how am I able to still walk around the city by myself? So, it is what it is, you know. I'm gonna make a statement too: I don't hate Tip. I'm disappointed, 'cause that's supposed to be my partner. And I ain't talking about on no business tip. That's my partner. I rode for dude, like 24/7. I put my family to the side sometimes to ride for dude."

Mega makes a valid point that if he snitched people in his hood would have dealt with him. Regardless, he's been labeled a snitch and it might be too late to go back. Still agree that T.I. was wrong for being so quick to distance himself from Mega. Doubt he'll get another gig rapping so it's back to gooning. Too bad. SMH.

4. Different Strokes

Drake and Charles Hamilton, two rappers on the opposite sides of fame. One guy is a hot new face in hip-hop. The other guy just got punched in the face. Of course when it comes to their opinion on stardom - Soulja Boys' in particular - they share conflicting views.

Drake considers the "Turn My Swag On" rapper "the smartest artist of our generation". On a Youtube audio , Drake co-signed Soulja Boy and thinks the work he does is "genius".

Soulja Boy is the smartest artist of our generation, I think period and I think out of anybody. Whoever it is, whether it's him or his team or the people around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius and I'm so happy for him."

Charles Hamilton on the other hand is not so inspired by his Interscope Records labelmate. Talking to Hard Knock TV, Charles scolded the industry for promoting Soulja Boy's hit "Turn My Swag On" as inspiration to the next generation. [Watch Here]

"Inspirational hip-hop music, and nowadays it's gotten to the point where, n*gga, an inspirational hip-hop song is 'Turn My Swag On', F*ck outta here n*gga, like that's the best you can do in the mainstream? No, I'm not trying to hear that. That's really not where I'm at. This new generation just ain't on their feet."

Charles Hamilton go away! Your know-it-all attitude annoys me to no end. Until you make a record that inspires anything, shut the hell up! At the moment your music inspires me to turn the radio off. Be gone!

5. Vexed Vixen

Since the release of her book "Confessions Of A Video Vixen" Karrine Steffans hasn't made many friends in hip-hop. Many of the rappers she slept with and outted in her tell-all book have expressed their displeasure with her. Now that she's the centerpiece of a documentary dubbed "Kiss & Tail," she's stirred up the ire of fellow video vixen, Angel Lola Luv. Speaking with worldstarhiphop.com Angel expressed her anger with Karrine for damaging the perception of video vixen. Angel even discredited Karrine's status as a video vixen.

"She is one of the major reasons the perception people have of video vixens is f*cked up. I don't respect anything that she has done? She wasn't even a video vixen. People didn't know her name until she wrote that book. I wouldn't consider her a video vixen. She brought down the perception. It's worse."

So there you have it. Angel Lola Love has casted Karrine Steffans out of the video vixen family. She is no longer welcomed into this sacred sorority that has been exploited by men, and has done its part to portray women in various degrading manners. Take that b*tch!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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