News: Eminem Gives "Relapse 2" Update, Announces Voodoo Experience Performance [Audio]

Friday, Jun 26, 2009 5:46AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem recently gave fans an update on his forthcoming Relapse 2 album and announced plans to perform at this year's Voodoo Festival in New Orleans.

The rapper said he is currently in the studio and making new records for the upcoming follow-up to Relapse.

"I'm going to be doing the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans," Em announced via an interview. "Halloween weekend. This is probably my only live show for at least this year...I'm in the lab right now, trying to get ready for this second album...There's enough to make it right now, I might wanna do some new songs for it or what not, so I'm actually recording right now...I don't know [when the album is coming out.] It's probably looking like fourth quarter." (Shade 45)

His current album has sold over a million copies in only five weeks.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem's Relapse dropped one slot to No. 4 with 72,500. After a solid five weeks on shelves, Slim Shady's fifth solo album has sold 1,121,500 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Em previously announced his aim to release Relapse 2 earlier this year.

"A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year," Eminem said in a statement. "I was one of them. Then [Dr.] Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out Relapse 2 will let everyone get all of the best stuff." (Press Release)

Last year's Voodoo Festival featured performances by Lil Wayne, NIN and more.

The Voodoo Experience, taking place Oct. 30-Nov. 1 this year in City Park, is entering its 11th year, showcasing New Orleans music, culture, arts and cuisine. Widespread Panic, meanwhile, has performed special Halloween concerts in the city from 1997-2002 and again in 2008. "We have discussed the idea of bringing these two...traditions together for years," Stephen Rehage, Voodoo Experience's founder and producer, said in a statement. "It only took us 11 years to get it done...It's special for us to be working with them." (Billboard)

Check out Eminem's interview below:

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