News: Drake Reportedly Signing W/ Universal Records

Friday, Jun 26, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Drake has reportedly signed a record deal with Universal Records according to various online reports.

While the rapper has yet to confirm, inside sources have said a formal announcement will likely follow.

According to several sources on the left coast, Toronto native, and Hip-Hop?s second coming, Drake, who?s been used as tug toy between Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Interscope Records and Def Jam Records has allegedly inked a deal with Universal Records. From my understanding, Drake was set to announce his new found Hip-Hop residence some time soon, but I guess word got out a little premature and landed directly in my lap. Now, the lil birdie who threw me this tidbit got the information straight from the label, so you can kill the ?LowKey?s making up ish? commentary - ASAP. And if this doesn?t serve true, well someone up at Universal Records has a lot of explaining to do. (BET)

Reports earlier this month predicted the rapper would sign with Universal Motown.

While there are as many as three major labels battling it out to sign Drake, the Toronto-born MC affiliated to Lil Wayne's Young Money label is close to signing a deal with Universal Motown, a source close to the negotiations confirms. Sources say three majors are in possibly "one of the biggest bidding wars ever" in hopes of signing Drake, including Universal Motown and Atlantic Records. (Billboard)

50 Cent also spoke on Drake's close relationship with Universal as of lately.

"I don't think you can accomplish that right now," Fif said in an interview. "Not without finance. I hear his record on the radio. He got a good buzz, I hear him. Sh*t, it wasn't possible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming. You know mine's was completely organic Like when you hear a song on the radio, it means it's being worked. Ain't nothing there 'just because.' Enough for it to be playing every hour on the hour. That song is being worked like he's on the label. I'm sure Syliva Rhone or Universal, they're spending money to get the record played so the public is feeling like it's just happening. He might not be signed yet, but they might work it to get him to sign. Is it worth signing until you develop that?" (XXLMag)

Drake said his new record deal announcement would be made this week.

"I'm like, maybe, five days away maybe," Drake said about making a record deal announcement yesterday (June 18). "Just give me five days, I'm sorry, I can't. The burning question will be answered in five days...I'm out here in Miami working with Pharrell and I'm even realizing oh, we got so much more to give to these people. I just started working on my album pretty much a couple days ago and I'm still seeing the creativity is flowing at an amazing level." (WGGC)

No further information has been released on Drake's alleged signing as of now.

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