News: Cam'ron Slapped W/ $43K Lawsuit Over Unpaid Attorney Fees

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2009 1:01PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset leader Cam'ron has reportedly been sued for over $43,000 by a New York law firm due to unpaid legal bills.

While details are still scarce, Dru Hill's Sisqo is also being sued.

It's "Let's Sue Some Musicians" Day at the law firm of Pryor Cashman LLP. Both Cam'ron and Sisqo are being sued by the NY law firm -- both for allegedly not paying their legal bills for some trademark work the firm did over the last few years. According to the lawsuits filed in NY on Monday (June 8), Cam'ron allegedly owes $43,709.43 and Sisqo owes $19,965.73. The law firm wants their money, plus interest and attorneys fees. (TMZ)

The company is reportedly renowned for housing attorneys.

Bucking the 21st century's bigger-is-better evolution, Pryor Cashman successfully balances the highly professional with the personal. As a premier, mid-sized law firm in New York, we are known for getting the job done right and doing it with integrity, efficiency and elan. With over 125 attorneys in our offices on Park Avenue (and an office in Los Angeles), we have assembled the finest legal minds and business acumen in 13 different practice groups encompassing 91 different practice areas. (Pryor Cashman LLP)

Aside from legal suits, Cam made his rap return last month.

Dipset's Cam'ron leads the urban pack this week as Crime Pays lands at No. 3 on the charts losing the top spot to Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown which sold 214,900 albums. According to Nielsen Soundscan, after seven days in stores, Killa's comeback album has sold 43,100 copies. (Sales Wrap)

He also recently spoke on today's rap stars including Lil Wayne.

"Wayne's my man," Cam said in an interview. "I'm proud of him, he worked hard. You know with a lot of people, Wayne's been doing this for years. Wayne had a record deal before I had a record deal, you know what I'm saying? Even though Cash Money been out for 12, 13 years so you know, for him to come up for where he came up, it was all them, B.G., Juvie, Turk, everybody. To see him excel from all that and become one of the hottest people in the game, 10, 12 years later, I'm really proud of him. That's my lil' man." (Street Heat)

No further details have been announced as of today (June 10).

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