News: Akon In Disbelief Over Michael Jackson, "He's One Of The Healthiest People I Know"

Saturday, Jun 27, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hitmaker Akon has reacted to the untimely passing of pop legend Michael Jackson and revealed the singer's strict health guidelines.

Revealing his close relationship with Jackson, Akon dismissed gossip of the singer being in bad health prior to his death.

"I couldn't believe it," he said in an interview. "Even now, I'm completely confused, because Michael is just one of the healthiest people that I know. He was pressuring me to stay healthy, like, 'Akon eat right. What are you doing out there on the road? Are you eating? Are you exercising? Are you drinking a lot of water?' He felt like nothing could be accomplished in life if you're not healthy...I thought he was completely healthy from what I've seen, just a lot of people never got close enough to Mike to even know. It's always speculation. It was never them actually knowing." (Billboard)

Despite an autopsy taking place yesterday (June 26), the exact cause of Jackson's passing will be revealed later this summer.

"The cause of death has been deferred, which means that the medical examiner has ordered additional testing, such as toxicology and other studies," Craig Harvey, the operations chief and spokesperson for the coroner's office, said in a press conference. "Those tests we anticipated will take approximately four to six additional weeks to complete." (MTV)

Jackson's personal doctor, who reportedly was the last to see him alive, allegedly decided to step away from his practice days before the singer's death.

We just got a letter that Michael Jackson's doctor sent to his patients 11 days ago, announcing that he will be indefinitely leaving his medical practice. Dr. Conrad Murray sent the note on his letterhead from his medical practice in Las Vegas. He says, "I am deeply saddened to leave you at this point, but please know my absence is not permanent." He continues, "In my absence, I will continue to manage the practice, and be involved as much as possible but from a distance." (TMZ)

While an autopsy report still awaits, online speculation has said the fatal incident may have been drug-related.

While Jackson family insiders suggested prescription drug abuse - specifically Demerol - might have caused the 50-year-old superstar's heart to stop, Lt. Brian Elias said it will be several weeks before toxicology results are ready. (New York Daily News)

No further information has been provided as of now.

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