: 50 Cent Reflects On Michael Jackson's Legacy, "Ain't Nobody Bigger Than Mike" [Audio]

Monday, Jun 29, 2009 12:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent recently spoke on the legacy of Michael Jackson and how the iconic singer's presence will likely be impossible to re-create.

Speaking with G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid, Fif broke down Mike's impact on the entertainment industry.

"I think everybody was [affected by his death]," Fif explained. "Ain't nobody bigger than Mike. 700 million copies? You do that much, not even that, get away from the actual record sales and look at how long. Some people are made for it, so when you come on and you're a star artist and a hit artist at the same time at five [years old],god d*mn. You got kids out there that are great on the Disney Channel, they ain't got major hit records at that point in this time frame and I guess the dynamics of how we accept entertainment at this point is different too. So it changed things but Mike and them, it's not something that's common or we'd have another one. We don't have another one." (Shade 45)

Fif also released two mixtape tracks last week which paid homage to Jackson's memory.

"They say I ain't lyrical, they say I ain't a miracle," 50 raps. "I say some hard sh*t, then they say I ain't spiritual/They act like they know God better than me, I know God Allah, I used to pump crack up the street...N*gga you ain't ever gonna see me in the hood, f*ck that sh*t, n*gga I'm too good/Run and go tell 50's boogee, don't buy his CDs, don't go see his movies/Don't act like you used to in juvie, on that medication, that n*gga be looney...Can it be I've been away too long/I've been away man, did you forget me? I'm back baby, I'm back...Oh, I'm in Southside, this is that sh*t right here." ("Where You Are (MJ Tribute)")

Whoo Kid voiced his thoughts on Jackson passing via Twitter.

"WOW I feel bad for losing mike!," he wrote. "I am alone in my den just sittin here lost! he brought the reality of death to my mind! I feel like somebody stole 25 years of history and experience from my life ! Michael Jackson - D*mn !Can't believe that he was aware of me! What a wack confusing feeling - this thing called DEATH! What a wake up call! RIP MJ!!! RIP Michael Jackson - MY N-Word FOR Life !" (DJ Whoo Kid's Twitter)

Sunday (June 28) night's BET Awards 2009 was dedicated to the late singer.

The show opened with a medley of songs from the star's youth in the Jackson 5, performed by a reunited New Edition performing with former member Bobby Brown. Host Jamie Foxx entered to Michael's "Beat It," wearing the singer's trademark red zippered jacket from his "Thriller" years and a single white glove. Joking about Michael's shifting appearance over the years, Jamie said, "I loved the old nose and the new nose," before calling attention to the music - and his status as a style icon. (NBC)

Check out 50 Cent's interview below:

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