Pulse Report: Pulse Report: Nas & Kelis On The Outs, 50 Cent Gives It Up To Rick Ross, Asher Roth Clears Up Racist Blunder

Saturday, May 2, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, Nas & Kelis calling it quits, 50 Cent commending Rick Ross on his #1 album, Asher Roth apologizing for Twitter misunderstanding, Soulja Boy claiming he ended rappers careers, and Cam'ron having designs on life after rap.

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1. Lost Love

Life's a bitch, but god forbid the bitch divorce me.

Nas is still cool with life, but his wife Kelis is asking for a divorce. Vibe.com was able to get a copy of the divorce papers. According to RR the very pregnant (7 months) Kelis is tired of Nas' "verbally abusive and cheating ways".

I'm so not the dude to be speaking on this. Relationships bore me. I wish them the best. They seemed like a pretty cool couple. Hope it all works out in the end.

2. Respect Due

50 Cent might not like how Rick Ross handles his business, but he's got to respect it. After watching Ross claim the #1 spot with his third album Deeper Than Rap, 50 somewhat praised the achievement. 50 took a slight jab at Ross and his label Def Jam when MTV news asked him about the over 150,000 copies Ross sold in his first week. However, he applauded Ross' #1 position. [Watch Here]

"I didn't get an opportunity to hear his record, but a lot of freak [SoundScan] numbers come out of the Def Jam system," 50 said with a grin.

...But even Fif didn't agree with some of his fans that the Ross record was a flop.

"I think it can be a disappointment to the system, based on how much of an effort and money they spent marketing," 50 explained. "But you can't call a #1 [album] a 'flop' under any circumstances. It's still #1."

Is that a white flag I see hanging out of Curtis' back pocket? Game recognize game. True indeed, but I hope this is not over. I'd hate to think that Officer Ricky is the dude that Buster Douglas'd the great 50 Cent.

3. Race Issues

On the flipside, Ross is not being as gracious in "victory." The Miami rapper has stepped up his attacks on Eminem. This time he evoked some tacky racial humor. In response to DJ Whoo Kid's allegation that calling G-Unit "monkeys" is "black on black" racism, Ross decided to call Em a "monkey" and a "honkey". [Watch Here]

You know now they saying 'monkey' could be black-on-black racial, keep saying monkey. So the only way I can fix that, Eminem, you're a monkey. He's really a honkey, but that's racial.

Lloyd Banks told MTV news that Ross is asking for trouble by messing with Em.[Watch Here]

"As far as calling out Eminem, you're not in the top 10 lyricists nowhere," Banks said. "So just sit down, man. We seen what Em can do. Em's in a whole 'nother lane. How do you go from praising somebody in one interview to calling him a 'monkey' in the next? He's been in out of pocket too many times. We'll see where his future goes. It doesn't look too bright, if you ask me."

Meanwhile, the other white rapper was on the offensive side of a race issue. Asher Roth had to spend the week clearing up the "nappy headed ho" comment he made on Twitter. The rookie rapper put out a statement apologizing to anyone he offended.

The twitter situation was an immature attempt to poke fun at an infamously moronic joke. In doing so, I unconsciously stooped to the level of its originator, making it just as bad, if not worse. Pathetic. Lesson learned - nothing good can come from repeating hateful words, regardless of your intentions... I immediately apologized for my immaturity but the apologies and original post were deleted by my team in an effort to prevent more people from being offended. Unfortunately, the deletion of these statements led several people to believe that my apology was insincere, which is why I have made the decision to release this statement.

First, Rick Ross is a monkey for pretending like he really wants beef with Em. He's trying to draw Em into a beef so that he can gain even more recognition. Finish your food fat boy! As for Roth, cut Casper some slack. He's still in the minority on this one. No harm, no foul.

4. The Finisher

Children say the darndest things. Soulja Boy is the undisputed winner of this week's "WTF" comment. In an interview with Rolling Out TV, the teeny bopper rapper said he's been known to put a few rap careers to bed. [Watch Here]

"I've had beef with a lot of different artist. A lot of artist had a lot of different opinions about my music, but at the end of the day it's going to take a whole lot to stop me. I done ended a lot of nigga's careers. And before I get out the game I'ma cause hell."

Boy stoooppp!!!

5. Home Improvement

Crime still pays for Cam'ron, but if he ever decides to go the legal route he already has a gig lined up--interior decorating. Cam told Vibe magazine that he's already dabbled in the field and it's something he'd consider after rap.

"Recently, Cam'Ron was considering putting his Lodi home on the market-his primary residence is a five-mile skip away in Fort Lee, N.J.-and invited real estate agents to tour the place. Here again, Cam'Ron stumbled onto a new hustle: One of them was impressed enough with his taste to want to do business. 'He called me and wanted to pay me to interior decorate,' Cam says, incredulous. "That shit bugged me out. So I did one job for about $50 K. I had a $100K budget and it turned out great, so [now] they always call me to do stuff like that. But I'm like, That's some sh*t I'll do when I retire, son."

Go ahead laugh all you want, but this has reality TV show written all over it. Cam'ron would be decorating homes across America, doing his version of Queer Eye For A Straight Guy. Cha-ching!

That's all from me folks. Hit me up at [email protected] for a healthy back and forth. Is 50 Cent throwing in the towel against Ross?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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