Pulse Report: PULSE REPORT: Jay-Z Drops Def Jam, Jim Jones Still Wants Dipset Reunion, 50 Cent Ends Beef W/ Rick Ross

Friday, May 22, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Jay-Z leaving Def Jam, Jim Jones still hoping for a Dipset reunion, 50 Cent calling it quits on Rick Ross beef, Method Man & Redman rejecting The Roots, and the murder of Akon's artist Dolla.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Free Yourself

Jay-Z is going out the way he came in, on his own terms. The Brooklyn MC is officially an independent artist after ending his 12-year run on Def Jam Records. Still under contract for one more album, Jay bought out the rights to the remaining album. He later confirmed all reports.

"I can honestly say, working with Doug Morris and LA Reid has been a unique and fulfilling experience and I respect them immensely. I've been in the family for almost my entire career.

Doug and I spoke directly and had one of the most unique 'negotiations' ever. Doug won the toss but, we both won in the end.

I thank him for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music." (RapRadar)

Once again Jay-Z proves his acumen as a businessman. Clearly the delay of the Blueprint 3 was proof that Jay and Def Jam were not on the same page. Rather than whining and complaining about the label, dude negotiated a buyout. Most rappers would have not handled this so smoothly. (See: Cam'ron, Max B, Young Buck) However, on the flipside there must be something about Jay that tells Def Jam they are better off without the greatest rapper of all time. Two words: Kanye West.

2.Wishful Thinking

Jim Jones is still praying for a miracle in his quest to reunite the Dipset. After Cam'ron pretty much said there was no chance of a reunion, thanks to a phone call controversy, Jim recently told Vibe.com that the odds are 50-50 right now.

Jones: We possess the hottest thing in hip hop that hasn't happened yet, and everybody knows it. We damn near could be one of the reasons to make hip hop a lucrative thing again, and that being the Diplomats. If we put it back together.

VIBE: What are the chances of that? Because Cam'Ron is saying there's no chance of that.

Jones: Well, there's a 50 percent chance because I'm in. Smell me? And that's a high percentile. Ya dig?

VIBE: Would Juelz be in?

Jones: Sh*t, we all in.

VIBE: Cam doesn't seem to be in, and the reason he gave was that phone call.

Jones: I don't care about that, I'm just telling you. You asked me a question and I'm telling you there's a 50 percent possibility it can happen. Ya dig? Let's keep it at that.

VIBE: I think a lot of people want that. Fans are used to breakups, but they love comebacks and reunions.

Jones: I love reunions.

If that other 50% becomes a reality I expect the Dipset reunion to occur in a few weeks at Hot 97's Summer Jam. The annual New York summer concert is the perfect place to stage a Dipset reunion. However, judging from the poor sales of Cam's Crime Pays album (43,000) I don't think anyone cares if they get back together or not.

3. Cease Fire?

It seems as though 50 Cent has thrown in the towel in his battle with Rick Ross. The Queens rapper complimented Ross on achieving a #1 album last month, but has been rather quiet on the issue of Ross recently. Now G-Unit's deejay, DJ Whoo Kid, is confirming that 50 is done beefing with Officer Ricky. Whoo Kid told MTV News that 50 is moving on to focus on his upcoming album.

"The Rick Ross sh-- is outta here. It's over, he's done his promo. 50 promoted his album very well, so Rick Ross is outta here. Now he's worried about his own sh*t. They got the Tia book out there. That should be the last level of anything that has anything to do with Rick Ross."

DJ Whoo Kid also made some other news this week when he dissed hip-hop icon Nas. While interviewing Rick Ross' baby mother Tia Kemp, he brought up the possibility of a book from Nas' baby mama, Carmen Bryan, then he went at Nas harshly.

"F*cking loser Nas. I f*cking hate him. F*ck him. He's pussy. Nas is scared to come on this show because he thinks I'm going to diss him." [Watch Here]

I had a feeling the 50/Ross beef would end this way, with 50 getting bored and walking away leaving no clear winner. I'll call it a draw. 50 gave us some memorable moments, but Ross had slaughtered him when it came to music. What ya'll say? As for Whoo Kid going at Nas, that was way out of line. I understand that it's part of what he does for radio, but this is a bit extra. This could get you punched in the face.

Speaking of, peep Chares Hamilton take one on the chin from a female rapper. Hilarious! [Watch Here]

4. Roots Of The Problem

Last week Method Man got called out by Joe Budden for a battle, now this week The Roots are ratting him out for refusing to perform with them. Meth and his partner in rhyme Redman were scheduled to perform on the Jimmy Fallon Show, but refused share the stage with the show's resident band, The Roots. Hurt by the snub, Roots drummer ?uestlove asked why. [Watch Here]

Method and Red went on Hot 97 radio to explain that it's nothing against the Roots, but it's simply not their thing to perform with bands. Red wanted the music to sound like it does on the album, while Mef simply states the facts. [Watch Here]

"I can't rock with a band, I get drowned out."

I respect Meth for his honesty, but he failed to mention rocking with the Roots was so yesterday.

5. R.I.P

Sadly, the hip-hop community was struck by another senseless killing of one of its artist. Atlanta-based rapper, Dolla, who was signed to Akon's Konvict Records, was shot and killed in a Los Angeles mall after a dispute with another man. The 21-year-old rapper  was shot in the head at around 3:10 PM PST, according to the LA Times. Police apprehended the suspect in the murder, 23-year-old Aubrey Berry, at LAX airport and have since charged him with murder. Berry is claiming he shot in self-defense and his bail was set at $1,000,000. While rumors circulate about the cause of the dispute, Konvict Records put out this statement via TMZ.com.

"Dolla was part of the Konvict Entertainment family and an incredible artist. This is a senseless crime and the industry has lost a real talent. Our heart goes out to his family, friends and fans."

This is truly a sad situation. I must admit I didn't know much about Dolla, I vaguely remembered seeing him in a video with Akon sometime ago, but after listening to a recent interview he had with radio personality Angela Yee, I felt even worse about the situation. Seems like he was a young kid with a really rough life that ended far too soon. R.I.P

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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