News: Rick Ross Promises More "Mafia Music" Verses, "I Don't Squash Beef" [Audio]

Friday, Apr 17, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross has dicussed the impact of his anti-50 Cent diss record "Mafia Music" remix promising additional guest appearances to come.

Speaking with DJ Envy, Ross described linking with The Game for the diss song and what else he has in store for Fif.

"Me and The Game done did a lot of little music in the past few weeks," Ross explained. "We got mutual people and everybody just kinda came together. I got a lot more verses, it's a lot of people laid verses to that. Y'all gonna see, y'all know how I do it...It surprised me how many people was ready to ride [against 50]...I was always one of the dudes that thought Curly was emulating dawg's swag. I never been a kinda band wagon dude...I don't ever squash beef...These people desperate for attention, I can release hot records...He's the kinda dude that'll p*ss on somebody's grave for attention for a few blog hits. " (Shade 45)

In the early stages of Ross' rap beef with 50, Game announced his siding with the G-Unit leader.

"For the first time in four years, man, I'm kinda low key riding with 50 on this one," Game said in an interview. "I'm siding with this dude homie. It's crazy, I don't know what's gonna come of it but yo, Ross, call me on my phone man...Call me on three-way so I can get you outta this mess, man...[50] took his baby mama shopping. She's trying on fur coats with the Stevie Wonder jamming...Eh, Rick Ross, man, holla at your boy! 50 eating you boy!" (KUBE 93)

However, shortly afterwards he was caught on stage reminding a Rhode Island audience of his non-affiliation with G-Unit last month.

"Put this sh*t on World Star Hip Hop," he told an audience. "Eh yo, pull out your motherf*cing cameras and press record on them b*tches and upload this sh*t to World Star n*gga. It's f*ck G-Unit and that's what the f*ck it's gonna be 'til the day I go out...I don't give a f*ck what that n*gga going through with Rick Ross, I ain't Rick Ross. I'm the motherf*cking king." (Black Wall Street)

Featuring G-Unit foes Ja Rule, Game and Fat Joe, Ross' diss song takes aim at discrediting 50.

"Guess who's bizzack," Rule raps on the song. "I spit murder, the music is mafia...One cold afternoon you get shot at your home/Now 'I Smell P*ssy'/P*ssy got lips, but it don't talk to me/That's why you my b*tch/And you on my d*ck/Aha 'cause I f*cked you up once, I f*cked you up twice and you still talking sh*t/What must I do, to get through to you/ Curly, get off my d*ck...Read in-between the lines when you hear me talk/Get on get outta line, this is Rule York." (SOHH)

Check out Ross' interview with DJ Envy below:

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