News: Lil Wayne's Gun Case Re-Loaded, Rapper's Police Convo In Question

Thursday, Apr 23, 2009 4:38PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A New York City judge has decided to re-open a hearing concerning a weapon found on Lil Wayne's tour bus after learning of an alleged conversations the rapper had with a police officer.

Wayne and his attorney both appeared in court Thursday (April 23) afternoon.

Lil Wayne appeared before a Manhattan Superior Court Judge for his gun-possession charge stemming from a 2007 arrest, but did not speak as his lawyer filed a motion for additional discovery that will see the arresting officer called into court. His legal team and the state's attorney met with the judge in private last week and it was determined the hearing of the original witnesses would be reopened. (MTV)

While the conversation was not revealed, the hearing is scheduled to take place next month.

Justice Charles Solomon ruled in February the gun could be used as evidence in Wayne's felony weapons case but he reopened the hearing at the request of prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon. She said Thursday (April 23) she'd learned of a report about a police officer's conversations with the rapper. Solomon scheduled the hearing for May 20. (Newsday)

Wayne was originally set to return to court for a felony gun possession hearing earlier this week.

A New York City judge says a handgun found on rapper Lil Wayne's tour bus can be used as evidence at his trial. Justice Charles Solomon set April 20 as the hip-hopper's trial date. (The Associated Press)

One of Weezy's assistants testified in a New York court last fall saying he "occassionally" observed guns and drugs on the rapper's bus.

Wayne's assistant Terry Bourgeois took the stand yesterday (October 19) in regards to the case, to address whether or not he believed there was a gun on the vehicle. Despite saying he had no knowledge of any weapons in the vehicle at the time, Bourgeois did confess to "occasionally" seeing a handgun and people smoking marijuana while on the same tour bus on separate occasions. Although he also said he never saw Wayne in possession of a firearm. (SOHH)

Despite his testimony, the rapper's lawyer previously said police had no right to search the vehicle.

Stacey Richman, appeared in court yesterday (September 10) debunking recent statements made by NY police officer Diane Hornung who testified against the rapper earlier this week. While Hornung claims she noticed marijuana smoke coming from his tour bus following a concert on July 22, 2007, Richman pointed out the officer's distance being an outstanding factor. "She wasn't anywhere near where she said she was [at the time of the incident]," he said. (New York's Daily News)

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