News: Kanye West Adds T.I., Andre 3000 & Rick Ross To Swagger List, "Jay-Z Set Mad Trends"

Thursday, Apr 30, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has addressed his stance on today's fashion by revealing the artists he feels are most stylish including T.I., Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

Taking to his blog, Ye broke down the artists he thought had their own sense of swagger.

"Everybody knows I get a little crazy with the clothes sometimes," Ye wrote unmodified. "Pharrell pioneered what I do now. He was the original to break down doors between 'real fashion' and hip-hop worlds, doing beats for Noreaga and running around with the model chicks. Ross gets real fresh. T.I. has a great effortless sense of style Jay has set mad trends and is the [Frank] Sinatra of our era. Nobody is as fresh as Ralph Lauren himself, only Andre 3000 and [Mr.] Bentley get close but there's still work to do. I think old men dress the freshest...When I can see crazy stuff I've worn and people laugh at me, all I can do is laugh with you and think, I had fun though." (Kanye's Blog)

Ye, at one time, was reportedly going to step aside from music to focus solely on fashion.

"I was blown away from the planet when he told me," famous designer Raf Simons said in a past interview. "I know he's very serious about this -- I don' take it as a joke -- but how can I imagine him being my intern? It's a very extreme situation." (New York Times)

Along with designing a pair of Louis Vuitton kicks, Ye recently released his Air Yeezy sneakers via Nike.

"Nike is such an important brand to me," West said in a statement. "Growing up, we looked forward to the release of new Nike's the way we would an album by our favorite artist...I've been designing Nike's in my sketch pad since the fourth grade. So to say I've been prepared for this would be an understatement. The really fun and challenging part for me was learning about Nike's design process, learning more about fabrics and functions and colorways, and all of the details that go into designing a shoe of this quality." (Woooha)

Following the release, Ye thanked fans for appreciating his personalized shoes and promised more to follow.

"We out here in Hawaii," Ye said in a video. "So I just wanna do a little video blog for y'all right quick. It's so beautiful wouldn't you agree? You can see the clouds and the mountains. But I wanna thank everybody that went out and supported, copped the Yeezys. A lot of people had to pay overpriced, next time when we do the Yeezys 2, hopefully we can do some more but it was real good to get the buzz out there and I really appreciate everybody that went out there and supported it." (Vimeo)

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